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Introducing Neogence ACE Revitalizing and Brightening Series


Neogence ACE Revitalizing and Brightening Series, the All-Round Skin Revitalizing System – for Skin Renewal, Brightening, Protection and Anti-Oxidant. A skincare product line developed and designed for combination and oily skins.

Target to “Restructure and Renew the Heavy Skin”, Neogence has applied “Patent Biochemical Conduction Technology” in the series to further enhance the quality of this series. Clinical tests have proven that the skin absorption is 300% increased after using the ACE products, allowing the active ingredients penetrate into your skin effectively and easily.

With help of Vitamin A, C, and E in skin renewing, lightening, and anti-oxidant, plus another two patent ingredients, Biophytex (eye contour brightening factor) and Matrixyl™3000 (fine lines smoothing factor), ACE series effectively release skin from dullness and roughness, darkness and restore skin firmness.


Ace Liposome Renewal Whitening Serum

$67.90 (30ml)


Ace Renewal & Repairing Mask

$22.90 (3pc)


Ace Revitalizing Eye Serum

$36.90 (15ml)


Ace Pore Concealing & Revitalizing Base Gel

$33.90 (50ml)


Ace Intensive Whitening Lotion

$26.90 (120ml)


Ace Revitalizing Hydrating Fluid

$39.90 (50ml)


Neogence ACE Revitalizing and Brightening Series is exclusively available in Sasa.

Right now, Sasa is having a 10% introductory discount on this series. PLUS! Receive Ace Renewal & Repairing Mask (1pc) worth $7.60 when you buy any Neogence product. While stocks last!

Mark down your calendar on the 17th & 24th Feb as Sasa will be having a Ace Renewal & Repairing Mask giveaway & promotion exclusively for Sasa fans!

Review(s) on this series will be up next!

Verlyn Hanru

Sasatinnie 360˚ Electrifying Extreme Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara


Sasatinnie 360˚ Electrifying Extreme Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara, my very 1st rotating mascara (Thanks Sasa Sg!).

Want luscious looking eyelashes in double-quick time?

  • The all-new 360˚ double rotating brush head design, cleverly works on the lashes with the different rotating system. Whether working clockwise or anti-clockwise – it manages to coat every eye lashes to lengthen and volumize.
  • The rotating movement allows the mascara to evenly coat the lashes, separating them evenly – creating longer looking eye lashes.
  • The rotating speed is able to coat each lashes, including those hard to reach lashes and short lashes – perfectly created to suit Asian lashes.
  • Each application coats each lashes evenly – curling the lashes and making it look voluminous.
  • The single start/stop button makes it easy to use, plus the rotating brush head allows you to do away with manually curling the lashes, leaving naturally curled lashes.
  • Its waterproof and smudge-proof formula allows lashes to stay on the whole day.


The moment I received this mascara, I was particularly drawn to the pretty doll image (on the packaging). The next thing I noticed was that the mascara tube was slightly longer than that of the usual ones. This mascara is battery-operated, and the battery compartment is located at the top of cap.

Like Cyber Colors Ex Volume Waterproof Mascara, the brush head is bendable (easy to comb through the lashes throughly). I absolutely appreciate the single start/stop button, unlike the Maybelline Pulse Perfection Vibrating Mascara (need to press & hold the button to activate the vibration. extremely tiring for my fingers!).

After taking out the insulation spacer (at the battery compartment area), press button once to activate rotation. Press again to stop rotation. When you press the button once again, the brush will rotate in the opposite direction. That means if you start with clockwise direction, this time will be anti-clockwise.

Note: Clockwise (top eyelashes), Anti-clockwise (bottom eyelashes)


Took a short video (5 days ago), to demo how the mascara works on my top eyelashes (left eye). Not easy to film (with iPhone) and apply the mascara simultaneously. Fyi, I didn't curl my eyelashes prior application.

<iframe width="547" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Nl-IArHVd-8" frameborder="0"></iframe>


[FACE] The Face Shop PureBerry Clear BB Cream SPF20 PA++, Kose Cosmagic Sweet Deco Cheek 01 Strawberry Pink

[EYES] Shu Uemura Hard Formula Eyebrow Pencil Hard 9 Brown 03

This mascara has the familiar scent of my HG Sasatinnie Super Dolly Powerful Curling Mascara - Black! Well, it's the same brand :D The intensity of black is the same; super duper black!

The mascara formula is slightly wet, hence don't blink when it's still wet. I applied just 1 coat for both sides (top & bottom). 2 coats is more than enough. The rotating brush enables the spiky bristles to catch every single eyelash for intense definition. It visibly curls, lengthens and volumizes my eyelashes pretty well, albeit a lil' clumpy (on close-up scrutiny). It doesn't smudge or flake on me. Yes, it's waterproof! However, I've no difficulty removing it. An oil-based makeup remover will do the trick!

All in all, I enjoy the novelty of a 360˚ rotating mascara. It does live up its claims on creating that luscious eyelashes in double-quick time.


Retails for $35.90 (8.5g).

Available exclusively at all Sasa outlets.

Verlyn Hanru

New Arrivals & Promotion @ Watsons


Sharing time again! :D

I spotted My Melody x LoveMore "Good Morning Beauty" Sheet Mask Set last tues. Glad I didn't buy at the spot. Grabbed this at the price of $18.90 (savings of $6!) at Watsons ION (2 days ago) :p

I'm in love with My Melody!

New! SexyLook Extreme Whitening Duo Lifting Mask.

New! SexyLook Hello Kitty Oil Control Tissue $6.90. Why so EX?!

New! Lip Smacker Flavored Lip Balms (Soda-Pop Caps) $6.90 each. Spotted 'em just 2 days ago.

New! Majolica Majorca Lash King Mascara $25.90.

Along with the King, there's the New! Majolica Majorca Blood On (Lip & Cheek Tint) $17.50. Hmm... Doesn't appeal to me much.

After seeing the mascara brush IRL, I noticed that it looks kinda different... not as luscious as expected... I see lots of fibers which will help in lash lengthening... not so much of volume?

My friend bought this mascara and she let me try on my lashes. Shall blog about it on a separate post (let the pics do the talking). Done! CLICK HERE

That's all. Thanks for looking! (:

Verlyn Hanru

Swatch-Fest: Revlon Colorburst™ Lip Butter


Have you jumped on the Revlon Colorburst™ Lip Butter bandwagon yet? These babies have been getting rave reviews all over the blogosphere, especially when the price is so affordable. In Singapore, Revlon Colorburst™ Lip Butter retails at $15.90 each. You can get a much lower price from sites like drugstore.com.

***credits to www.revlon.ca for the image above***

Buttery balm with beautiful shiny color to give you baby soft, healthy glowing lips.

- Hydrating mango, shea and coconut butter formula boosts lip moisture by 156%
- Pampering gel formula provides super charged hydration and glides on lips buttery smooth
- Sheer to medium colour with buttery shine
- Available in 20 luscious shades [only 8 in Singapore]


iPhone (under sunlight)


Camera (flashlight)

I managed to swatch 'em at John Little (Marina Square). Apparently not all Watsons stock 'em. Well, soon I guess. And... I forget to swatch Fig Jam :/

Peach Parfait was the sold-out shade (at John Little). The Revlon promoter said that the stock will be replenished next week. Hmm... I'm still deciding on the color to get... Sophia's lip swatches are tempting me to get both Peach Parfait and MacaroonSugar Plum appeals to me too... >.<

Thanks for looking!

Verlyn Hanru

My Melody x LoveMore Sheet Mask Set


My Melody x LoveMore "Good Morning Beauty" Sheet Mask Set is now available at Watsons! Kawaii max!

It cost about SGD$13 in Taiwan.

In Singapore, it is priced at $24.90 =.=zzz

Lily & Crystal Marine Extra White Mask (5pcs) - nourishing, softening, whitening

Lavender & Lemongrass Brightened Mask (5pcs) - soothing, moisturizing, brightening

Rose & Achillea Millefolium Mask (4pcs) - firming, improves dull skin condition, brightening

Chamomilla Vulgaris & Mint Oil-control Mask (4pcs) - oil-control, moisturizing, pore tightening

***credits to trosworld.com for the unmarked images & info above***

Verlyn Hanru

Lip Smacker & Coca Cola: Soda-Pop Caps [NEW!]


Remember the collaboration between Lip Smacker & Coca Cola?

***click on image to enlarge***

This month, Lip Smacker & Coca Cola will be launching Soda-Pop Caps (Sprite, Fanta & Coca Cola)!

What's your favorite beverage? Mine is Coca Cola :D

Retail Price: $6.90 each

Exclusively available at Watsons.

Verlyn Hanru

Skin79 New Launch (Vital Orange BB Cream & Simple Touch Eyeliner)


Skin79 will be officially launching 2 new products tomorrow - 29th Dec 2011!

Here are the new Skin79 family members...

1) Skin79 Vital Orange BB Cream

Armed with the highest sun protection within the Skin79 range, the Skin79 Vital BB Cream SPF 50+ PA+++ is truly vital to our skin protection against the harmful UVA and UVB rays.

In addition, this is the only Skin79 BB cream fortified with the Vital-V Complex.

  • Vitamin A improve firmness and skin elasticity
  • Vitamin C derivatives brighten the complexion
  • anti-aging Vitamin E is rich in antioxidants
  • Vitamin E derivatives nourishes and restores vitality
  • Vitamin F maintains skin suppleness to improve wrinkles


It also contains adenosine and arbutin (penetrate deeply to whiten, brighten, iron out wrinkles and give skin elasticity), eco-oil mx (a combination of eco-friendly plant extracts, soothes and infuses the skin with moisture), chamomile extracts (soothes skin and shields it from environmental damage).

This BB Cream is climbing up fast on the charts of Skin79’s best sellers.


It offers a one-step quick-fix for a total of 10 beauty grouses.

  • fends off UV damage
  • improve wrinkles
  • whitens
  • nourishes skin
  • hydrates
  • builds resilience
  • protects skin against pollution
  • controls sebum
  • acts as a makeup base
  • acts as a foundation


Its vibrant orange packaging suggests cheerfulness and vitality, and is a fine acquisition for outgoing ladies looking for vital skin improvement. Just like Skin79 no.1 best seller Hot Pink BB Cream, it is suitable for oily/ combination skin types. Exclusively sold at Watsons, for SGD$49.90.



2) Skin79 Simple Touch Eyeliner

It’s not just black. It’s tattoo black.

Delivering darker definition, Skin79 Simple Touch Eyeliner creates more intense eye lines compared to its competitors. Gentle to apply, glides easily over eyelids, and 24-hour smudge-proof. Super easy to remove, by just swiping off using eye makeup removers. This eyeliner is no exception to Skin79’s commitment to using natural ingredients and skin technology to enhance its cosmetic products.


It is packed with:-

  • nourishing jojoba oil (penetrates deeply to soothe and hydrate the skin for enhanced smoothness)
  • cacao seed extracts (protects and moisturises the skin)
  • cacao seed butter (brightens complexion and protects the skin from external aggressions)
  • squalene (promotes skin elasticity by helping to increase the water retention properties in skin, keeps skin soft and supple)
  • arginine aka amino acid (rich in antioxidant properties, repairs and builds skin resilience)
  • panthenol (a pro-vitamin B5, for intense skin moisturization).


Exclusively sold at Watsons, for SGD$24.90.

... are you intrigued

Verlyn Hanru

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