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SOTHYS Hydradvance™ Programme


I was at Lawry's The Prime Rib for SOTHYS Private Bloggers Session, two weeks ago.

[Home Care Range]

We were presented - SOTHYS Hydradvance™ Programme, which uses SOTHYS' patented H2CR® Cosmeceutic Complex (boost healthy cells) and 1055 Boletus Extract (stimulate genes to restore skin's ability to REHYDRATE itself).

Boletus Edulis, is an edible mushroom rich in Vitamin B3 (reducing effects of skin aging) and Vitamin E (powerful anti-oxidants).

Combined with other active ingredients, 1055 Boletus Extract acts on 2 main functions to restore the skin’s ability to REHYDRATE itself:

#1 - Optimizing Hydric Flows

  • Storing sufficient water in the dermis layer that acts as a water reservoir for the skin.
  • Regulating water circulation which travels from the dermis to the epidermis through proper and functional channels.
  • Retaining water that reaches the epidermis layer to achieve a well-hydrated skin.

#2 - Reconstituting the Barrier Function

  • Reactivating and improving individual functions of the skin’s protective layer.
  • Providing optimal protection from oxidative stress.
  • Restoring cell communication to optimize and sustains the skin’s function.


Hydradvance™ Intensive Hydrating Serum

$179 (50ml)


Hydradvance™ Light / Comfort Hydrating Cream

$159 (50ml)


Hydra-Nourishing Mask

$109 (50ml)

Will be reviewing this mask in prolly a month's time (:


Yummy food & beverages were served...

Big, fresh, juicy prawns!

Dunno the exact name of this dish.

There's prawn bits inside too! Very tasty :d~

Ends with a oh-so-sinful brownie ice-cream :p

This is the bestest white tea I've ever had!

Has the luxury feel to it 

HAPPY 2012!

Verlyn Hanru

Media Preview: Lancôme Rénergie Yeux Multiple Lift


Last month, I had the privilege of attending the media preview of the ultimate eyecare by LancômeRénergie Yeux Multiple Lift.


The event was held at Bistro Soori, which offers contemporary modern cuisine with a refreshing twist.

The iconic symbol of Lancôme - rose.

This restaurant has a nice cozy ambience.

Inspired by the trends on aesthetic procedures, Lancôme offers its most complete anti-age solution for the eye contour area for the very first time.

A packaging sculpted like a jewel, dressed in the emblematic dark purple of the Rénergie range.

A fresh and velvety cream texture. Its rich yet delicate nature and intense hydration ability leaves the delicate skin of the eye contour, feeling comfortable and nourished. The skin is ready for the illuminating skincare.

A formula inspired by BB base creams. The upper part of the compact is covered in metal and opens up to reveal the illuminating skincare. A mirror is embedded to facilitate application. Its tinted, melting texture fuses with the skin and imparts a natural luminous glow.

This luxurious, double-formula eye care simultaneously promotes 6 visible rejuvenating effects:-

  • a firmer eye contour
  • eyelids which look 'lifted'
  • minimized wrinkles and fine lines
  • diminished eye circles
  • a visibly more luminous eye contour
  • reduced under-eye puffiness



Un-retouched photos of women with their respective eye concerns

Action 1: diminished eye circles

RYML contains ginko biloba (improves microcirculation & stimulates lymph drainage) and drapes eyes in a subtle veil of light (for renewed radiance).

Action 2: reduced under-eye puffiness

RYML formula contains extracts of caffeine (helps stimulate microcirculation to reduce puffiness) and Vitamin E (protects the delicate skin of the eye contour against free radicals).

Action 3: a visibly more luminous eye contour

A mix of pigments with an emollient and powdery cream-oil is formulated, so as to achieve a brilliant natural light effect. It comes in a universal shade specially designed for Asian skin.

Action 4: eyelids which look 'lifted'

RYML is enriched with a skin-tightening active argan extract (a natural polymer which comes from the precious oil). Composed of a fraction rich in proteins, it delivers immediate, visible results on wrinkles.

Action 5: a firmer eye contour

GF-Volumetry Complex stimulates factors involved in cellular communication. R.A.R.E. oligopeptide is used to help reorganize the skin's support tissue.

Action 6: minimized wrinkles and fine lines

Argan extract works to provide a tightening effect on the skin's surface.


How to use?

In order to maximize the action of RYML, a massage ritual was developed (which takes into account the entire eye contour area - eyelids, temples, eyebrow arch, the top of the cheekbone).

Inspired by protocols in plastic surgery, this unique technique considers the eye contour area as a vast ensemble which should be cared for in its entirety.





A younger-looking appearance starts with a young looking gaze.

Eyes are mirrors to one's age. A dynamic, sparkling, truly 'awake-looking' eye contour reflects a youthful appearance.

How true! Refer to the 'Before' & 'After' images above.


Brunch time! :D

Mushroom truffle soup. Has a strong mushroom-y taste.

Fresh succulent prawns. Yummilicious! :9~

Almond milk panna cotta. I don't usually like almond-related desserts though I like the nuts alone. This doesn't have the weird almond taste. More milky, I like.

Lancôme Rénergie Yeux Multiple Lift was given to me for review. I'll be sharing my thoughts on a separate post.

Priced at SGD$120, Lancôme Rénergie Yeux Multiple Lift will be pre-launched on 9th Dec at Takashimaya.

Thanks Jazlyn (Lancôme Singapore) for the invite! (:

Verlyn Hanru

New Launch of Bifesta (previously known as Cleansing Express) + Kiss Me Heroine Make & LUCIDO-L


Attended Bifesta Blogger Party on 29th Oct (Sat), which was about 2 weeks ago. Thanks Mikki from SGfreebee for the invite (:

I'm sure most of y'all are familiar with Cleansing Express (Japan's 1st water-based makeup remover brand). It is now known as Bifesta. The event was not only on Bifesta, we were introduced to other familiar brands (Kiss Me Heroine Make, LUCIDO-L) under Mandom Corp. Singapore.

LUCIDO-L new treatment series - Hair Make Supplement

  • Treatment Oil <For Straight Hair>

Its Hair Management Memory Oil prevents tangles & ensures straight, silky smooth hair.

  • Treatment Oil <For Perm Hair>

Its Soft Memory Oil maintains perms with a soft, light finish.

Helps to restore your hair's inner beauty. Works from within to improve your hair's natural moisture retaining system. CMC (Cell Membrane Complex)-like ingredient helps hair membrane cells with water retention to create manageable hair up to ends.

***Credits to LUCIDO-L website for the above unmarked images.***




"Bi" = 美, Beauty  "Festa" = Festival

Celebrate Beauty...


Together, Bifesta means Beauty Festival, a celebration of beauty where beautiful skin can be achieved quickly, easily & joyfully with effective, fuss-free makeup removal.

A gentle but powerful makeup remover series born from beauty lotion. Removes makeup effectively even though it is water-based. Contains moisturizing properties from beauty lotion yet able to capture makeup & impurities, and lift them from your skin.

Bifesta aims to provide simple, quick & reliable makeup removal solutions to cater to hectic lifestyles without compromise to effectiveness with added skincare qualities.


Non-rinse Series


Rinse-off Series

***Credits to Bifesta FB Page for the above unmarked images.***

Available at major Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, Meidiya & Nishino Pharmacies.

<iframe width="550" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/f_BcSRbXOBs" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Other Bifesta Youtube videos -> CLICK HERE

Like Bifesta FB Page and receive a FREE Cleansing Lotion Sebum (30ml) deluxe sample by filling up your particulars and enter password verlynhanru.



Kiss Me Heroine Make Makeup Artists/Trainers - Ms Sayaka Kondo and Ms Sayuri Igarashi were there to do the makeup demo.

Ms Sayuri Igarashi, sharing with us Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara, the No.1 Mascara in Japan as awarded by @cosme prestigious Best Cosme Award 2009 (Mascara Category). It's my HG mascara btw 

CLICK HERE for my review on Kiss Me Heroine Make Impact Frame & Curl Mascara 01.

Ms Sayaka Kondo applied the new lower eyelashes (transparent lash band) on Zoe Raymond.

New products of Kiss Me Heroine Make:-

  • Proof Eye Tape (100pcs) $16.90
  • Eyelash Serum (7ml) $18.90
  • Impact Liquid Eyeliner N (01 Jet Black) $18.90
  • Smooth Liquid Eyeliner N (01 Jet Black) $18.90


Proof Eye Tape

Able to create defined double eyelids quickly and easily.

  • transparent, double-sided tape that is not noticeable even from a very close distance when eye is closed
  • super fine (1mm) and ultra-thin (0.07mm), it feels like having nothing on
  • excellent adhesion, waterproof (highly resistant to sweat and water), long-lasting (crease stays on for many hours)
  • elastic and stretchy, that is flexible enough to follow the curves and contours of eyelids
  • skin patch tested


How to use?

***Credits to SGfreebee FB Page for the above image.***


Eyelash Serum

For stronger, thicker & healthier lashes.

  • new & innovative concentrated oil rich formula acts as a protective coat for the lashes
  • rich in eyelash care ingredients, for darker and lustrous lashes (moisturizing ingredients:- panax ginseng root extract, eriobotrya japonica leaf extract emollient ingredients:- evening primrose oil, camellia oil, royal jelly extract, rose hip oil)
  • specially designed soft brush which feels gentle even on damage-prone lashes, and is easy to apply serum even to the tips while separating lashes
  • skin patch tested, fragrance-free, coloring-free


How to use?

Apply to clean lashes day & night. Use daily for optimal results. Brush from roots to tips of lashes, taking care not to let the liquid get into the eyes.

When using the product in combination with mascara/curler, pls wait till the liquid is fully dried.


Kiss Me Heroine Make cupcakes. Taste as good as they look! :9~

A photo with Ms Sayaka Kondo :D


Our generous goodie bag consists of...

Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover (retail size) & Cleansing Express trial size products...

LUCIDO-L Hair Make Supplement Treatment Oil <For Straight Hair> (retail size) & trial size Hair Treatment Water...

Kiss Me Heroine Make products... including my HG mascara

Eyelash Serum...

Smooth Liquid Eyeliner N (01 Jet Black), an improved version of my HG liquid eyeliner. 130% blackness compared to the existing one!

Verlyn Hanru

S-Skin Official Launch [Health Domain]


Attended the official launch event of S-Skin (oral beauty supplement) last month.

Health Domain's latest innovation), is a revolutionary age-defying oral formula promoting radiant and youthful skin. It aims at correcting fine lines and wrinkles, as well as boosting skin elasticity and hydration.

The event was held @ Spaboutique.

Cupcakes galore! The red velvet one tasted absolutely yummilicious! There were healthy fruit juices from Cedele too ^.^

More pastries...


We were given a bottle of S-Skin to try... Hmm.. haven't try yet :x

Featuring the use of high concentration of silk peptides, S-Skin is formulated to improve the elasticity of skin. The excellent moisture binding properties of silk peptides enable strong penetration of water molecules into the inner layers of skin, hence improving resiliency and moisture retention.

The silk proteins found in silk peptides further enhance the superior conditioning elements of S-Skin. Not only that, the antioxidant and anti-inflammation properties assist in fighting aging skin. They neutralize damaging free radicals caused by UV light and environmental stressors that oxidize collagen, promoting younger, fairer and healthier-looking skin.

With this beauty-in-a-pill supplement, intensive skincare is made easy for both women and men who want to achieve radiant and youthful skin. As a key supplement that enhances overall beauty, S-Skin is also blended with ingredients like resveratrol, collagen, grape seed and aloe vera to optimize the resultant effects.

  • resveratrol collagen (regenerate active cells and strengthening skin foundation)
  • grape seed (acts as an added antioxidant in transporting waste substances out of the skin, maintaining flexibility and effectively whitening it)


***Recommended daily dosage: 2-4 capsules (dietary supplement)***

S-Skin (90 capsules) retails for $89.90. Available at Watsons, Guardian and Unity.

Promotional price: $59.90 (from now till end of Nov)

Verlyn Hanru

Of Launch, Event(s) & Product Info; Lancôme Trésor Midnight Rose


Trésor Midnight Rose, the new feminine fragrance by Lancôme.

A delicious fragrance like a "candied rose of love".

A magical nectar with an intense, honeyed heart in which rose, the olfactory signature of the Trésor fragrance, becomes sweeter than before.


Trésor Midnight Rose embodies mischievous femininity: rose becomes playful, driven by deliciously tangy raspberry tones, wooden shimmers and voluptuous vanilla notes.

Like a mouth-watering candied apple, Trésor Midnight Rose could be a crisp, sweet "candied rose of love", fruit of an unexpected encounter.


[TOP NOTES] From the very first moment, it's love at first sight between deep, intense rose absolute and vibrant, bold raspberry.

[MIDDLE NOTES] The caress of jasmine and peony meet fresh blackcurrant bud absolute and intense pink pepper.

[BASE NOTES] For the final touch of seduction, the drydown - Virginia cedar essence, vanilla and musk - warms up the floral notes in AN ABSOLUTELY ADDICTIVE AND MODERN TRAIL.


Each and every Lancôme fragrance has a (love) story to tell.

After Trésor in LoveLancôme tells a new love story, filled with lightness, magic and sensuality. A passionate story that rewrites the language of romantic yet CONTEMPORARY LOVE.


<iframe width="550" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/4aLL3-UIYow" frameborder="0"></iframe>


"Liberated and vivacious, she rushes through the paved lanes of the most romantic capital of the world.


There, she played a romantic game of hide-and-seek.




Spontaneity, freshness and mischievous feminity...

She enthrals with one gaze, one smile.

And one desire: to play with the RULES OF LOVE.



Attended Lancôme's Trésor Midnight Rose Blogger Event, held last week.

The event was held @ Group Therapy. A cafe/breakfast & brunch restaurant.




I certainly gained more insight on Lancôme Trésor range. Original Trésor >> Trésor in Love >> Trésor Midnight Rose.


An olfactory masterpiece. The fragrance of treasured moments and eternal love.


Trésor in Love (FLORAL FRUITY)

Blooming love. The vibration and delight of the love encounter.


We had the chance to experience all three Trésor fragrances. Here's my say...

Trésor:- An elegant yet empowering fragrance. Very strong and intense at the outset, mellowing down to a soft vanilla musky scent which lingers on... and on.

Trésor in Love:- Those who adore soft floral fruity scent will definitely fall in love with this!

Trésor Midnight Rose:- It's a scent in-between. Neither too strong or too soft. A few spritz of this sweet fruity floral fragrance will instantly liven up one's playful mood. The intriguing sweetness of the scent, sends me the love vibes.. Aww.. The feeling of love..

Do you know...

the thing ring that encompasses the neck of the fragrance bottle(s) can actually be removed and be used as a scent ring? Just spritz once and you're good to go!

Ms Hoang Thu Trang (Marketing Manager of Lancôme), showing us how Lancôme beauty advisors present their fragrances to consumers.


A "fragrance storybook", feat. Lancôme Trésor Midnight Rose. Nice!

The limited edition bottles of Trésor.


Food indulgence time!

Even the mashed potato (beneath the chicken thigh) tasted sweet! Did you notice the purple theme? Oh, we were dressed in black/purple specially for this event.. with most clad in black :p

A lovely concoction of berries and ice-cream 

We got to bring back these:- Lancôme Génifique Youth Activator Platinum Edition 30ml and Lancôme Trésor Midnight Rose 50ml


To celebrate the success of Génifique and its extraordinary radiance-enhancing properties, Lancôme has unveiled a new sparkling version of its "star" bottle. Now more than ever, luxury and science have come together in this high-tech and exquisitely designed bottle, created to look as though cast in silver. Lancôme Génifique Youth Activator Platinum Edition 30ml (SGD$150) is available in only 50,000 copies worldwide. Only 200pcs available in Singapore.

This coming Friday night (21st Oct), Lancôme will be having an exclusive launch party at Lancôme Counter, TANGS Orchard L1. For more info, pls refer to the image above.

Stay tuned as I'll be having a giveaway next month. 2 bottles of Lancôme Trésor Midnight Rose 50ml to be won!


THANKS Lancôme Singapore!

Verlyn Hanru

Murad Hydro Dynamic Launch Event‏ (feat. Murad Hydro-Dynamic™ Ultimate Moisture)


Last month, I attended Murad Hydro Dynamic Launch Event‏. Thanks Murad Singapore (Mimi & Lynn) for the invite!

The event was held @ Arteastiq (a chill-out lounge @ Mandarin Gallery).

Arteastiq art jamming studio, to unleash your inner creativity (the artistic side of you).

Here's the tea lounge.

Some mingling before the start of event.

Lychee martini tea was served. It tasted a lil' bland for my liking.

Here's the highlight of the event - Murad Hydro-Dynamic™ Ultimate Moisture.

The most hydrating moisturizer Murad has ever offered. Gentle enough for sensitive skin, this non-greasy, velvety formula provides all-day moisture, all-day smoothness and all-day comfort – leaving skin perfectly polished.

Additional features and ingredients:

  • Ultra-concentrated, silky moisturizing cream offers immediate and long lasting hydration providing positively radiant skin
  • Avocado, Sunflower and Olive Fruit Oils enhance skin’s ability to retain maximum levels of hydration
  • Retinyl Palmitate and Shea Butter improve texture and while restoring natural smoothness and softness
  • Collagen Support Complex boosts skin’s resilience and plumps dehydrated skin


I tried the product prior the start of event. It has a rich velvety texture, as shown from the image above. Having said that, it doesn't feel as greasy as I thought.

I did notice a difference on my hand (see image above), can you? After an hour or so, the area with Murad Hydro-Dynamic™ Ultimate Moisture applied is clearly glowy, moisturized and well-hydrated. Glowy doesn't equal to oily. It felt so soft and smooth to touch. Tested and proven by yours truly.

A proper review on a separate post (but not so soon though.. stay tuned ).

Retails for SGD$142.

Available from November at:

  • BHG Bugis
  • Metro Paragon
  • Robinson Centrepoint
  • Tara apothecary
  • Sephora outlets


An interesting skincare talk by Murad International Trainer from USA. She dispensed useful tips on restoring skin's health and youthful glow, while sharing how Murad Philosophies are targeted to resolve skin conditions swiftly and transform skin's health/appearance. And, we had the chance to have our skin concern questions answered.

Murad Philosophies:

1) Emotional Heath

Connect with others as isolation causes the skin and body to age rapidly. A happy challenged mind contributes to overall health - inside out. Do things that make you happy. Hang out with friends more often. Engage in happy thoughts.

2) Internal Health

Take appropriate supplements to meet your skin concerns. Drink water (at least 8 glasses a day). Raw fruits and veggies contain structured water, which promote healthy young cells. Do include at least 1 colorful raw fruit/veggie in each meal.

3) Topical Health

The skincare products that we use. The better hydrated skin cells are, the better they can defend against internal and external aggressors that contribute to skin ageing.


And it's.. Nom Nom~ time!

A peppery bowl of onion soup. Surprisingly, I liked the taste and happily savoured every bit. *slurps*

Healthy yummy dinner for us. Ham and cheese sandwiches which tasted super good! The orange bits are apricots, I think. The bread itself tasted sweet, different from the usual fare. I like! :d~

Viva duck, for us to share.

Absolutely tasty! Was so hungry that I ate 2 pieces! :p

Ooo.. I liked the accompanying colorful salad (minus the gingery sauce and black olives).

Lovely dessert (champagne vanilla ice-cream) to end the meal with. Umm.. I am not a fan of maraschino cherry :s

Chantana "taught" me to add the ice-cream into the lychee tea. It tasted sooo much better! Champagne ice-cream lychee tea hehehe!~


Took photos with fellow bloggers and the ladies from Murad :D

An individual shot with Xinyi. A super petite and sweet-looking girl (:

The very friendly Mimi (brand manager of Murad Singapore) & me. I totally envy her glowy flawless skin!

Note to self: Must remember to take photo with Lynn next time!


Hmm.. My hair is sooo short! >.<~~

A lovely group shot, featuring the peacock feathers print toga dress I bought from asos. Nice? :p

Thanks once again for the enjoyable and insightful event! 

O.O The "blown-up" press release!


That's all for now. Thanks for reading!

Verlyn Hanru

First SMRT ‘Makan’ Session with Esther Xie


Registered for the SMRT 'Makan' Session which runs from 24 Sep 2011 - 25 Feb 2012. Being the typical kiasu Singaporean, I registered for all sessions (lol). Applicable to only 20 attendees per session. Better be "safe" than sorry! :x

And so, I attended my first Nuffnang event (also the first 'makan' session) @ Esplanade Xchange. Blogger-for-the-session is Esther Xie.

Customized "I Circleline" candies from Sticky Sg.

1st stop: Fei Siong's Bak Chor Mee.

I ordered mee pok (dry) with chilli. The serving was just right for me, but too little for a guy (I think). Taste good, but not fantastic.

Next: Eskimo Cafe & Dessert Bar. One of my favorite bubble tea haunts.

Apparently, I ordered the wrong drink. Fail max. I shall stick to pudding milk tea or oolong milk tea next time. Don't order green tea yakult. Taste horrible.

Last but not least: Red Mango.

It was my first time trying out their frozen yogurt, and I LIKE it very much! All of us were having this Yogurt Muesli, which was super-value-for-$. Just look at the generous serving! I opted for the pomegranate flavored frozen yogurt. Yummilicious! :d~ Not as sweet as the original flavor. A healthy treat for the sweet tooth :D~

Weeeeee~ I like this photo 

Thanks Nuffnang and SMRT!

Verlyn Hanru

Talika Cream Booster Launch Event


Few weeks ago, I attended Talika Cream Booster Launch Event @ Conrad Centennial Singapore.


The lastest beauty revolution by Talika - Cream Booster.

In short, the Cream Booster is able to increase the effectiveness of your skincare products. A combination of 3 technologies in 1 device, namely:- Phototherapy (cellular stimulation), Ionotherapy (cell penetration) & Vibration therapy (circulation of ingredients).

After the 1st use:

  • better hydrated skin, smoother & more radiant
  • tightened pores


After 28 days*

  • wrinkles: -32%
  • tone: +33%

*Clinical Study – 30 volunteers – 28 days

How to use?

Apply your regular skincare product. Then, place your index finger onto the silver panel on the Cream Booster to activate the microvibration function. Glide Cream Booster over your skin, moving outwards from the center of face for 1min.

Can be used alone to soothe & re-energize skin.

Available for sale at Talika counters & Sephora Singapore.

It was a brief launch event.

Tried TWG Tea for the 1st time. Taste uniquely different. I like 

Talika Bust Serum, part of our goodie bag. One more cup size in 6 weeks through lifting & firming. Sounds promising?

PS: Sorry, there'll be no review since the Cream Booster was not provided for reviewing purpose.

Thanks Jeslyn & Eileen for the invite.

Verlyn Hanru

A Tea Pairing Workshop with Stephen Twining


Curiosity always gets the better of me. That's why I attended this Tea Pairing Workshop with Stephen Twining (2 weeks ago), held @ Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Thanks Sebastian for bringing us along!

**NOTE: This is NOT an invite.**

You can't imagine how excited I was, having the opportunity to enter a Presidential Suite!

Guess who's the man seated right in front of me.. Shh.. It's a secret.. :x

How to Make the Perfect Cuppa?

  • Water temperature: 100°C for black teas (Let the boiling water sit for about 3mins to let the temperature dip a lil' for green/white teas.)
  • Amount of tea per serving: 2-3 tea bags for a tea pot (Depends on how strong you want the taste to be.)
  • Brewing time: 3-5 mins (Dipping a tea bag in and out is unnecessary. I used to be "guilty" of that.)


Tea pairing begins with the most popular Twinings Earl Grey Tea (a classic blend of fine black tea infused with citrusy flavor of bergamot). It is the only tea I'd tried from Twinings prior the workshop. Love the refreshing taste and unique floral aroma it has. One can add lemon slice/honey/milk/sugar according to own preference. I enjoy Earl Grey Tea as it is; au naturel.

How to pair? In short, stronger teas with stronger flavored food. Vice versa.

Served with:- Bacon & Chive Biscuit, Candied Violet Cup Cake, Turkey Breast & Sharp Cheddar Finger Sandwich, Opera Torte.

Next, we were served White Tea (an exclusive blend using only young, unopened buds of the finest tea plant). While Green Tea is well known for its many health benefits, White Tea is the least processed tea and has the highest antioxidant level. So yes, White Tea is definitely better and much more expensive.

This is my 1st time drinking white tea and I was pleasantly surprised by its slightly sweet taste. The brew was perfect; so light and delicate. I actually like the smooth feeling it gives. White Tea convert? :d~

Served with:- Mini Macaroons, Hazelnut & Milk Chocolate Torte, Maki Sushi Rolls, Char Siew Soh Rolls with Sweet Plum Dip.

Last but not least, the Twinings Mint Cooler. The conventional iced teas often taste diluted, but not this one! This one packs a punch! A tantalizing treat for my taste buds. It is advisable to add honey/sugar coz the taste is super sour! The mint taste is very strong which I really like. A very refreshing cooling sensation, perfect for the awfully hot weather!

Served with:- Mini Pistachio Financier, Mini Ginger-Crème Brulee.. (not pictured):- English Cucumber Teas Sandwich, Spinach Quiche

Bonne Maman Honey, the essential addition for a delightful sweet taste to my perfect cuppa Twinings Mint Cooler.

Companion of the day: Jermaine!

Love the light effect! :p *teehee*

Do you know that Twinings tea is now enjoyed in 115 countries globally, with nearly 250 blends to its name from contemporary fruit infusions and herbal teas to its most popular blends: English Breakfast and the world-famous Earl Grey?

Now you know (:

At Twinings, there is always a tea for everyone, and for every occasion.

A special commemorative blend for The Royal Wedding. I wonder if it's for sale? Hmm..

Such an attractive tea pot set.. 

Unobstructed view of the city.

I'm sure the view will be exceptionally stunning in the night time!

Meet Stephen Twining (10th generation of the famous tea family), who reportedly drinks at least 15 cups of tea a day. Thanks for the very insightful sharing!

(Credits to Jermaine's camera)

Yingzi, Jermaine & me.

(Credits to Jermaine's camera)

Ending with a beautiful note.. 


A beautiful tea box set, autographed by Stephen Twining himself.

And, only the 3 of us had our names written on (date as well).. Talk about exclusivity.. Yeah! v^.^v

Thanks Yingzi!

With that, I shall go enjoy my freshly brewed cuppa Earl Grey.. (:

Verlyn Hanru

Unveil The Truth; McDonald's Open Doors


Do you know that McDonald's has more than 115 restaurants island-wide (in Singapore)? I didn't know that until I attended the McDonald's Open Doors Kitchen Tour last Sat.

The bloggers-only event was held at McDonald's @ King Albert Park.

It was my 1st OMY event and luckily I wasn't alone...... I met Clara (DblChin) & Felica there! :D

Coke with salt for me coz I was down with sore thoat and flu. #toopidhaze

Linda, giving us a brief intro before we embarked on the tour.

And so, the tour begins! We were led to this "secret chamber"......

The batches of assorted buns with expiry date stated. Freshness is ensured. No worries.

Moreee buns! These are for Teppanyaki Chicken McGrill :d~

Here's the spacious well-ventilated storeroom. Very clean and neat right?

Cute -> Purple Grimace :D

Guess what's the dark-looking liquid inside the plastic containers?

Answer: HOT FUDGE!

Entering the chiller where the food items are stored. There's a freezer right behind another door. Brrr.. Super duper cold but shiok! :p

Temperature inside the freezer is -19°C!!!

The very colorful crew room, where the crew members have their break-time.

They have the "Crew Member Of The Month Award", which I believe the winners will be entitled to incentives and such?

McDonald's see the importance of keeping the crew members motivated. Thumbs up!

Woah! I spot a camera-ready crew! :D

I SMURF McDonald's!

My usual special order(s): Double Cheese Burger (plain), McWings (all wings). I'll try McChicken Burger (add cheese) next time :p

Each segment is catered for different fried items. Everything is just so systematic yea.

Buns are toasted to perfection, using this machine here. The crew members are extremely fast and efficient! I couldn't even take a proper photo of the freshly toasted buns after numerous tries =.="


Ohhh.. Grilling the meat patties!

Are you drooling yet? I am! :d~

How can we forget the pipin' hot apple pies?! Crispy outer crust, with sweet caramelized apple filling...... *yum yum*

All-time-favorite fries! Crispy on the outside yet fluffy on the inside.

-End of Tour-


Mini-buffet session begins! Super hungry (as usual).

Cup corns, with butter and a dash of salt. Then *shake-shake-shake*.

McNuggets! I truly missed the spicy ones very much...... :(

Best dipped in curry sauce. I missed the mayo sauce very much too...... *grumpy-face*

Me loveee McWings! Not a fan of drumlets though.

New item - Big N' Tasty Burger! Love the smokey sauce, beef patty, bun. A must-try for beef lovers :d~


See how juicy the beef patty is! *slurps*

Another new item - Horlicks McFlurry.. Milo is still my favorite! (When izzit coming back again?)

Tried cheesy fries for the 1st time. Taste like Cheezels. Hmm well.. Good but not fantastic. I want my seaweed shaker fries back pls! TYVM (:

Cinnamon Melts. Love this, albeit too sweet!

Yeah~ to free treats!

Are you intrigued to join in the McDonald's Open Doors Tour? There will be open-to-public kitchen tours conducted on every 3rd Sunday of the month (from 18 Sept 2011 to 19 Feb 2012). CLICK HERE to register now.

Thanks OMY & McDonald's for such an insightful tour! Enjoyed every bit! 

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