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Outing: Sentosa & Buffet Dinner @ 2D1N Soju Bang


Going to Sentosa in the daytime (especially noon) has always been a not-so-willing unwilling thing for me. It was an agency outing.. So no choice eh :s

It was on the 3rd day of May. I prepared Sunplay "weapons" to battle with the unforgiving sun, making sure I re-apply 'em every now and then. Think I was the only one who was "armed".. Oh well >.<

My OOTD: Floral print tube sundress, Mitju pearl bling-bling sandals. No bikini for me :3

Chups and me.

Voyce and me.

Serena came and join in the camwhorin' fun (x

CCH, the not-so-good "photographer" lol.

Despite being "armed", I seemed to look darker.. @.@ *sigh* I get tanned THAT easily..

DARKER!!!!!! What if I didn't apply any sunblock.. Think I'll really become ABNN! T_T

Spot the difference between the 2 group photos. Lame I know :x Ahaas~

My "beach activities" for that day was: camwhore, eat McD, drink beer, play Monopoly cards and the unwilling suntan(!!). I'm not a outdoor kinda person, so yups. Then it was dinner time!

Korean BBQ Buffet dinner! The place was filled with BBQ meat smell! And no doubt, we were damn smelly after dinner. Eew :s Oh, and I didn't like to be seated in this manner (since I was wearing dress). It was super uncomfortable max :/

The buffet variety wasn't much. The marinated chicken was good.. as well as the pork chop.. Bacon taste good as well.. :d~

Didn't like the bland-taste sausages. Why no cheese ones?

Meat lovers :D

Ah the late-comers.

SL & AC.

Camwhorin' yet again. Her hubby is pretty good @ photo-taking. Well-trained by her :p

Ladies in the house yo.

2D1N Soju Bang, located @ Duxton Hill.

Caffeine fix after buffet dinner! Not Starbucks. Coffeebean. Spinelli. TCC. Coffee Club. Erm.. Then??

Tom N Toms Coffee, Korean coffee chain. Sounds cool eh? I'm much into K-drama (HK, TW as well) now! Currently watching "49 Days" thanks to Chantana's recommendation! And, I "fell in love" with one of the cast So cute can! Feelin' gaga-ish over him literally.. teehee :p

I got this upon ordering my drink. It's not free gift. Looks like a "time bomb" :x

*di li li* No, there wasn't any sound AND it didn't "explode". The flashin' lights means - Drink is ready for collection. Innovative eh. Or I suaku (mountain tortoise)?

My drink came.. I had.. Blended.. something.. I forgot :s

End of outing. Here's something random.

"Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts......"

I quite like this quote. Do you?

Verlyn Hanru

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