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Chanel Illusion d’Ombre Long-Wear Luminous Eyeshadow 83 Illusoire


Deceptive simplicity. That's Chanel.

Fall 2011 Collection Illusions D'Ombres De Chanel. I'm not a nail polish fiend. Naturally, the highlight for this collection will be the Chanel Illusion d’Ombre Long-Wear Luminous Eyeshadow (comes in 6 shades).

“This intensely shimmering long-wear eyeshadow offers true versatility. An innovative gel texture that is both soft and cushiony allows it to be worn as eyeshadow or eyeliner. Includes a specially designed shadow/liner brush, developed specifically for this unique formula.”

(*Credits to Chanel Makeup website for the unmarked images and info.)


Let's focus on the product itself for now, shall we?

Retails at SGD$52 (4g).

Chanel Illusion d’Ombre Long-Wear Luminous Eyeshadow 83 Illusoire, is a dark smoky taupe mauve with reflective micro-shimmers and metallic sheen.

It has a mousse-like texture, and blends out like a dream. The finish is somewhat frosty. This is a heavy swatch. A little goes a long way.

Under strong sunlight, it is such a dazzling beauty of its own! Just look at the sparkling bits!

★★★ Sparkle like stars in the night. ★★★

Well pigmented and easy to apply. Illusoire is truly a gorgeous shade that is hard to miss out!

Now, I'm lemming for Fantasme & Epatant.. Well, it ain't limited edition.. That means I can slowly collect! :p

That's all for now. Thanks for reading!

Verlyn Hanru

Sneak Peek: ETK & Illusion d’Ombre (Quick-Swatch)


Recently, I got Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Intense Eyeshadow from StrawberryNET, Chanel Illusion d’Ombre Long-wear Luminous Eyeshadow from Chanel Makeup Studio.

I requested for a lipstick sample and the BA gave me Rouge Coco 11 Legende. Seems like a pretty color to me.. (:

Will blog about 'em in detail.

Quick swatches for now.

Photos taken with iPhone coz my camera battery died on me =.=~~





That's all for now.. ^.^

Verlyn Hanru

What's in my mail-box?


Received this postcard thingy not long ago. Opened it up and saw these big round "eyes" peeking out.. @.@

Ooo.. To inform me Chanel Aquarelles De Chanel (Limited Edition) - Spring Summer 2011 makeup collection will be exclusively available @ ION Orchard on 1st August 2011!

Frankly speaking, I'm more interested in Chanel Fall 2011 makeup collectionIllusion D’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow to be specific. Comes in six shades, which retails @ $52(!!) each. *gasp*

Chanel Illusion d’Ombre Long-Wear Luminous Eyeshadows Swatches, Photos, Reviews.

YES, Chanel Makeup Studio has arrived @ ION Orchard. You will see it the moment you exit Orchard MRT. Very prominent indeed.

CUTE right? ^.^

Verlyn Hanru

Chanel Joues Contraste Rouge Powder Blush (Limited Edition) ♥


YES-YES-YES! I've finally got what I want need!

That was like almost 2 weeks ago.. :x

AND, I didn't get anything else from the Collection Byzance de Chanel*clap clap*

Comes with the usual velvet pouch.

Oh.. A plastic cover for Rouge. The previous blushers don't come with it.

Just look at the gorgeous color! _~

A pretty strawberry red with micro-shimmers. Rouge's texture is oh-so-smooth, just like most of the Chanel blushers. Ahh.. The signature rose scent..

Unlike the usual Chanel blushers, Rouge is very pigmented. However, when applied light-handedly, it gives my cheeks a super-duper-pretty soft rosy flush. A little goes a long way.

See how wearable Rouge is?


Verlyn Hanru

ROUGE Obsession: Collection Byzance de Chanel


Have you checked out the latest Collection Byzance de Chanel? I became very much interested after reading this awesome blog entry by Reika (frontrowbeauty.com). Blog-reading can sometimes be "highly dangerous" to the wallet, don't ya agree?

Am only interested in one particular item, which I believe I don't have anything similar to it (or even come close).

Chanel Joues Contraste Rouge Powder Blush (Limited Edition).

A beauty in its own glory. This is definitely gonna be added to my Chanel Blush collection!

Stay tuned to my haul and Chanel makeup collection entries (: Meanwhile, thanks for reading! xoxo

(*Credits to Chanel makeup website for the above images.)

Verlyn Hanru

[29.1.11] Part 2: Haircut + Treatment @ Chapter 2 & LOTD: Chanel Dazzling Night


This will be just a short post about my new haircut. Ahh I keep cutting my hair :x Well, I'm gonna stop cutting it short after March I guess. Here's Part 1 if you've missed it somehow.

And so, I'm kindly "sponsored" by my lil' sis for this haircut + treatment thingy @ Chapter 2 (Plaza Singapura). She bought a hair care package the previous time at the Marina Square outlet. Yeah ^^v Thanks Ah mei 

My lil' sis taking a quick nap, while looking like some astronaut :x Hmm.. the guy with the blonde hair was my hair stylist I think. I just realized, or maybe I'm wrong. A super young chap, 21 this year !

Me looking just like my sis - astronaut =.="

Weeeeee weet !~ Temporary curls la hehe~ :p

Act innocent hahas xD




















Here's new hair. I requested for slanted fringe, which I had before when I had long hair then.

This was how I looked 3 years ago. Gosh, my youth T^T

I requested to "reveal" my ears too :D

More like a boy now, seriously :D

I colored my hair really black this time, DIY. This was done way before I had my hair cut. I used Quicktouch 1 min hair color and the results was pretty good I would say. No unsightly patches or whatsoever. And, I got this FREE from Fr3b (known as The Sample Store now).

BUT actually the color I used was supposed to be dark brown. My hair turned out to be super black instead. So black, it looked just like a wig =.= Hmm.. Great for covering white hair though ! After a month or so, my hair ain't THAT black anymore *PHEW*

A better picture of my new hair ?

My Chanel face, that is. I love my LOTD, the perfect look for V-day, dates and stuff. Subtle yet mysterious (;


  • Chanel White Essentiel Whitening Modeling Effect Base SPF30 PA+++(Rosée)

  • Chanel Le Blanc Light Mastering Whitening Fluid Foundation SPF25 PA+++ B20 Beige

  • Chanel Le Blanc Light Mastering Whitening Compact Foundation SPF25 PA+++ B20 Beige

  • Chanel Correcteur Perfection Long Lasting Concealer 20 Beige Ivoire

  • Chanel Joues Contraste 67 Rose Tourbillon

  • Chanel Poudre Lumière Perlée Pearl Glow Powder


  • Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long Lasting Eyeliner 20 Expresso

  • Chanel Le Sourcil De Chanel Perfect Brows 20 Brun

  • Chanel Sublime De Chanel Waterproof Length and Curl Mascara 10 Noir

  • Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eyeshadow 31 Rose Envolée


The only non-Chanel product I used is:

  • Sasatinnie Super Dolly Powerful Curling Mascara


(Credits to Chanel makeup website and The Sample Store for the product images above.)

Verlyn Hanru

[29.1.11] Part 1: Chanel Workshop, Lush 1-item haul, Paradise Dynasty lunch & BK expresso sundae


29.1.11, it was a long day of mixed feelings. There are 3 parts and here's Part 1 :D

That morning, I went to Chanel complimentary hands-on skincare workshop. It wasn't a bloggers' event, not some collaboration with any magazine/FB or whatsoever. I guessed I was lucky enough to be invited b'coz I recently bought Chanel makeup (I think) ^^ ? Anyway, I was elated to be in the workshop as I was among the first few to experience Chanel's new Le Blanc skincare range.

I like this quote:

"A woman is only as good as the light and peace she radiates." Gabrielle Chanel

Le Blanc "Let There Be Light".


Sharing the information from the lil' booklet given.

Mini Chanel makeup applicators. Blush brush, e/s sponge-tip applicators, mascara wand, lip brush and the white thingy is to scrape lipstick for hygiene purpose.

Foundation sponge, powder puff.

Le Blanc Whitening Moisture Nanolotion, Whitening Concentrate, Whitening Moisturizing Fluid, Whitening Moisturizing Cream.

Le Blanc Light Mastering Whitening Fluid Foundation SPF25 PA+++ B20 BeigeLight Mastering Whitening Compact Foundation SPF25 PA+++.

The perfect shade for my skin tone 


It was truly a fun 2-hr long workshop. I would say it was a mini work shop since only 8 people were invited, with only 1 who didn't turn up. It was a great Chanel experience session where we indulged in the luxury skincare and makeup products. I'm lovin' the scent of the Le Blanc skincare range; refreshing. The texture is light and feels oh-so-good on my skin ! The brightening effect was evident and makeup application was a breeze. My complexion was radiant and so glowy (: I'm looking forward to next Chanel workshop, if there is any. Thanks Ting Ying from Chanel !






I was at Nature Republic @ 313 to purchase the CNY goodie bags that Chantana had blogged about. And being a Nature Republic member, I already received a notification sms from 'em. Will blog about the goodies on the next post :D

And there, I finally collected Lush Porridge Soap from Kimberly (ladeekim).

Prior to this, I had no idea what do I use this for. I just know it smells really good hahas ! Now, I know xD






Here, I'm gonna rant about the disappointing late lunch I had at Paradise Dynasty (Orchard Ion) ! To think, I did my "homework" before going. Pfft. I was sooo wrong, the awesome ratings are BLUFF one lor ! My face was super sulky coz I hate eating bad restaurant food !

Took photos of my siblings. We had a small tiff before the meal =.=

Yeah, this is my "Chanel face" I mentioned in Twitter :p

My face complete with Chanel skincare and makeup except that I touched up my lashes with Sasatinnie Super Dolly Powerful Curling Mascara - Black.

Xiang jian pau-s (pan-fried meat buns). Average, not that juicy. There's this stall at Tampines One which sells pretty awesome ones - 3pcs for $2 !

Xie huang xiao long bao-s (crab roe soup dumplings). $12.80++ for 6pcs !! Bloody NOT worth the $$$ spent at all !! I didn't taste a hint of crab roe at all :/ Imperial Treasure xlb-s beat 'em anytime, seriously !!

Ah xin is finally smiling uh =.= See the "steam effect".

Here comes the la mian-s.

My HIGHLY-RECOMMENDED (NOT-TO-ORDER) la mian with sliced pork in signature pork bone soup ($9.80). Soup too salty, really tough over-cooked pork ! So-so noodles :/ KNS

Ah mei's la mian with braised pork belly in signature pork bone soup ($10.80). The pork belly tasted better, but still don't have the WOW factor.

Ah xin's spicy beef la mian. Tasted the best among our orders, that's what he said. I say, normal.

The interior design of the restaurant is really beautiful, as compared to other Chinese restaurants I'd visited. Other than that, the food was really THAT BAD :/

Quite alot of people. TSK. Oh well, this will be my 1st and last visit to Paradise Dynasty. Period.

Yeah ^^our dessert was settled at Burger King (Plaza Singapura) b'coz of time constraint. And, it was Ah xin's treat ^^v

Expresso sundae ! He intro-ed this to us and it tasted heavenly ! The lovely combination of the bitter taste of expresso + sweet taste of vanilla ice-cream :d~ $2.50. A must try for coffee lovers !


Stay tuned for Part 2 and 3 (:

Verlyn Hanru

What's NEX(t) ?


Went to NEX (alight at Serangoon MRT station). I thought it would take me an hour to reach BUT in fact, the journey took less than 40mins ! It was damn crowded =.= And, I noticed there's F&B on EVERY level of the mall. The best thing was though we stayed there for around 8hrs, we only managed to comb 1/4 of the mall ! AND, we did spent quite a fair bit. Can't imagine how much will we spend if we comb the entire NEX x: Fun and fruitful trip ! Love spending time with my lovelies ♥

Freshness Burger was our 1st stop. I was damn hungry as this was my 1st meal of the day.

I had "small" lemonade. Umm .. quite a normal but expensive drink. It's $3.80 or $4.20.

My Freshness Burger. The taste was alright, didn't really WOW me over. The bun was different from the usual ones. Kinda sweet. The size reminds me of MOS ones. Mark my words, the price kills.

Salsa Burger.

Omelette Bacon Burger.

We ordered EXTRAS x: BUT the quantity was pathetic. No doubt the onion rings taste pretty good, but I won't order again for that price. Nearly $4 I think.

Nuggets, quite normal. I think nearly $6 I think. We spent more than $10 each, with still space for more food =.=

And, we went off to walk walk, shop shop shortly after Jessie reached. More about the hauling part later (:

Dinner was settled at Ramen Play. Now then I know, Din Tai Fung, Food Republic, Ramen Play, The Icing Room, Toast Box, Breadtalk are "connected". I only knew Toast Box and Breadtalk are "connected". No wonder, Toast Box and The Icing Room are located side by side at Tampines One. Interesting, at least to me hahas xD

Oh, I had the Tonkotsu Ramen. Filling and satisfying much (: It'll be even better if the egg's more runny. The soup base wasn't too salty, the noodles were cooked just right. The pork meat was on the fatty side, BUT I like :d~

Spicky Tonkotsu Ramen. Just a dollar difference for the spicy kick (;

Sanpou Tonkotsu Ramen. Super filling !

EXTRA order to be shared (again) :p RamenPlay Dango (minced chicken balls in takoyaki style). Quite normal to me, prolly b'coz I don't really fancy minced meat balls x:

Healthy hot green tea for us !

Last stop was at Starbucks. The Caramel Macchiato I had, tasted pretty weird.






Now, on to my hauls !


"Love" knuckle duster ring from Diva sales for $7. It was love at first sight hahas (X Pretty gold color and I love the font.

I also got myself this dark red diamante bracelet bangle for only $7 ! A steal, since the usual price was $24 :p

Side-track. I didn't get these at NEX. Since I was taking photos of my rings, why not include 'em in this lil' haul entry. Well, I got 'em at Orchard Cineleisure. I love the "dice" ring very much, quite unique IMO. It was the last piece left (;

I couldn't resist getting the "bunny" ring with tiny "bunny" attached. There was this dark gray color one, but I prefer this ivory white one.


Chanel Les Tentations de Chanel Holiday 2010 Collectio
n (Limited Edition). I didn't get the entire collection (I wished). I already gotten the Pink Pulsion Levres Scintillantes/Glossimer (yet to be featured). Beautiful sheer fuschia color. It was sold out everywhere, I was lucky that there were still 2 left at Isetan (Parkway Parade). Many thanks to the friendly Chanel girl (MBS outlet) who helped me call, check and reserve (; Well, I did purchase something from her coz I like her service personality.



This Tweed Fuschia Blush was sold out everywhere. Since the Chanel counter is new in Isetan (NEX), I was lucky enough to get it ♥ $69, but I paid $65ish, using Jessie's Isetan card. I also got $5 cash voucher (with every $50 purchase).

See the shimmery gold bits ?! I love the tweed effect, the lovely fuschia color with hints of gold and the new brush is unlike the old one which feels harsh on my skin. Too pretty for me to start using, but I'll use it soon :p



I got this Kate Gel Eyebrow LB-1 since it was on 20% discount. Usual price was $19. Loving Kate makeup !

Revlon Super Lustrous Creme lipsticks - 463 Sassy Mauve and 473 Mauvy Night. BOGO ! In fact, the promotion was already over and I wasn't aware since the promotion tag was still there :p $17.90 for both.

Canmake Cream Cheek 09, a pretty sweet baby pink with no shimmers at all. The PLUS point is it's limited edition ! $15.90 after $2 discount.



This was what I intended to buy, which meant the rest of the 'em are.. well due to temptations =.= Yeah, new big nail clipper hahas (X $1.65 only.

Sana Pore Putty Face Powder Clear$24.90 before 20% discount, far cheaper alternative. Better ? I can't say that for now.

Sana Natural Resource Loose Powder UV SPF19 PA++. The powder puff was really soft and I like that it's abit shimmery. $39.90 before 20% discount.



Odbo Collagen Hydra-Mask. Gift from Jessie ♥ Thanks girl !



We were about to leave NEX but we went in since it was still opened. Bad move eh. I ended up with these. Buy 2 Get 1 FREE.

I set my eyes on this - DearDarlingNails BLINGBLING WH004. Shimmery black with hints of teal. I'm bad at describing colors =.= AND, I thought it's $7.90 but actually, it's $11.90 *faints*. I noticed it only after I reached home. Expensive !!

LUCIDarling Fantastic Nails 06. Shimmery pink with hints of blue.

LUCIDarling Fantastic Nails 05. Shimmery orange-red with hints of gold.

WH709. Looks like cement color x:

BR307. Looks like hot cocoa color :3

WH708. Very pale mud color ? s:

Last but not least, freebie(s) ! We got 2 of this Moistfull Sheet Masks coz I requested for one more x: Very aunty much LOL

That's the end of my somewhat lengthy X'mas Day post (; More to come !

Happy New Year (in advance) to my loved ones, followers, readers and YOU 

Verlyn Hanru

Tagged: If I had ALL the money in the world..


I'm tagged (long long time ago :x oops) ! By Mya (HeavenlyGorgeous) :D~

If I had ALL the money in the world.. I would..

travel around the world coz I would have stop working by then X)

Well, Japan will be my priority to-go country as I love everything about Japan especially the food ! My favorites are salmon (belly) sashimi and sushi !

(Sidetrack a bit) Japanese makeup is ! I wanna be as gorgeous as Ayumi *dreaming away*

Woohoo~ The beautiful sakura blossoms.. The captivating scenery.. What's not to love about Japan, you tell me ??!!

Not to mention, Japanese guys boys are oh-so-pretty *drooling*

I want a pretty bf :x

Prolly plastic surgery since I'm so fuckin' rich. Hmm I need to do double eye lids, nose job, whitening jabs, botox, slimming & many more. That's how unsatisfied I am with myself =.=

BUT I don't like to suffer the post-surgery pain & agony :/

ALL Hermès silk scarves !

ALL Hermès Birkins !

ALL Chanel bags, wallets, accessories, clothes, everything !

I like I like x infinity 

Of coz ALL Chanel makeup !

I will have my very own dream Makeup Studio !

ALL MAC Makeup !

Luxury skincare brands e.g. SK-ll !

La Mer !

A super beautiful bling-bling castle (not in Sg definitely XD) Fully air-conditioned, definitely. Walk-in wardrobe, Jacuzzi, Sauna, Gym, Theatre.. etc ! PINK pls 

Specially picked top notch CUTE chef(s) to prepare yummy food for meee ! :p

Super handsome cute hubby like Ethan Ruan ♥ I just have to include him in this post :p heh heh~

Imagine him driving (I don't drive) this super posh Lamborghini !

To-die-for Diamond Car !

Ooo.. To-die-for pink heart-shaped diamond ring !

I will wanna have:

Elixir of youth & immortality coz I'm afraid of aging & death =.= Kinda ridiculous thinking. I'm just dreaming away, hoping that my far-fetched dreams will come true.

Ok, a Time Machine to travel backwards in time, forward to the future. To reminisce the old times and get to see my loved ones who aren't around anymore. That sounds good eh (:


Back to reality, I'm not that filthy rich (hahas xD). So what will you do if you had all the money in the world ? Share with me !

I tag.. no one (;

Verlyn Hanru

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