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Review: CandyDoll Lipstick, Lipgloss and Cheek Color


I talked about CandyDoll Base Makeup Series in the earlier post HERE. In this post, I'll be featuring their lip products (lipgloss and lipstick) as well as the cheek color.

  • Lipgloss (Macaroon Pink)
  • Lipstick (Ramune Pink)
  • Cheek Color (Peach Pink)


Retails at $25.90 each.


CandyDoll Cheek Color (Peach Pink)

A soft blushes of color that is natural and give you a perfect clarity. Long lasting throughout the day!

The cheek color swatch barely shows up on my hand, since my hand is darker than my face. This is a light wash of muted peachy pink, which is more suitable for those with fairer skin tones (NC/NW20 and below).

I apply this alone or over a more pigmented cheek color. Both ways work well for me, just that I need to be heavy-handed to get the color to show up on my cheeks.


    Lipstick (Ramune Pink)

    Gives you dewy cute pink lips.

    PS: You may use with Candy Doll Macaroon Pink Lip Gloss, it gives you a totally different experience!


    Lipgloss (Macaroon Pink)

    Ramune Pink is a nudish pink-beige color. The lipstick has a creamy texture and is well-pigmented (to cover my original lip color). Doesn't dry my lips.

    Macaroon Pink is a milky hot pink shade. The lipgloss is pigmented enough to be worn on its own. I like to layer over Ramune Pink though. The lipgloss does feel a lil' sticky, not as much as MAC's. Pretty moisturizing, in my opinion.

    Hmm... As my lips are rather dry at the moment, the application is not really smooth sailing. Both lip products are unforgiving on my dry lips, accentuating the flaky bits and lip cracks. It's best to apply on well-hydrated lips.

    Lipgloss (Macaroon Pink) and Candy Doll Cheek Color (Peach Pink)...

    My favorite look -- Lipgloss (Macaroon Pink) layered over Lipstick (Ramune Pink) plus Cheek Color (Peach Pink)

    That's all. Thanks for looking!

    ***All product info are extracted from press release.***

    Verlyn Hanru

    CandyDoll Base Makeup Series: Review/Thoughts + A Quick LOTD


    In this post, I'll be sharing my review/thoughts on CandyDoll Base Makeup PLUS a quick LOTD.

    A lil' introduction...
    Masuwaka Tsubasa

        is the top Popteens model in Japan, her popularity encouraged many pops fan and teenagers to follow her fashion style and makeup trend.


        first developed with the Cheek and Lip series followed by Lipstick and Mineral Powder lines.

    Ms Tsubasa

      creates all different kind of makeup techniques, styles, looks and trends by using the most basic CandyDoll Color Cosmetics.


    Makeup Base SPF30

    The moisturizing and light texture is our big favorite! Not only it minimizes pores appearance & covers imperfection of skin texture, it provides a good SPF30 against the UV rays, looks dewy and keeps the makeup long lasting for the day.

    Liquid Foundation 01 / 02

    Use this after the Makeup Base SPF30, the buildable coverage and lightweight liquid foundation delivers a natural flawless complexion.

    Concealer 01

    This powdery pigmented moisturizing concealer is formulated to hide all kind of skin imperfections and brighten up your eye area.  It fix closely and softly to your skin, giving you a smooth finishing.

    Powder Foundation

    The incredibly fine texture powder gives a good coverage without feeling too heavy on the skin. Keep your face matte and natural at all times without touchup!

    Crystal Face Powder

    Formulated with skin friendly mineral powder. This magical powder that is ideal for touch up as well. It covers pores without clogging them. It keeps your makeup fresh throughout the day. Suitable for all skin type. It adds glow and radiance to your skin, giving you a natural and flawless finishing!


    CandyDoll Makeup Base and Liquid Foundation 02

    • Liquid Foundation 02 - beige with yellow undertones
    • Makeup Base - opalescent light pink with ultra fine micro-shimmers


    I mix the Makeup Base with Liquid Foundation (1:2), to neutralize the color (less yellowish). Alternatively, you can apply the Makeup Base then Liquid Foundation.

    (1) & (2): Makeup Base + Liquid Foundation (right side of face), bare skin on the left

    (3) & (4): Makeup Base + Liquid Foundation (right side of face), Makeup Base on the left

    Fyi, I'm sharing my thoughts based on a one-time trial experience (I was provided with 2 sample sachets each).

    I like the mix of Makeup Base and Liquid Foundation, as compared to using only the latter. The shade 02 (Liquid Foundation) makes my skin look slightly yellowish. Mixing in the Makeup Base, helps to rectify the "problem". The Makeup Base alone, helps to smooth and luminate the skin by imparting a slight rosy glow. As for the Liquid Foundation, it applies smoothly and has a light coverage (buildable to a light medium coverage).

    Together, they help achieve a radiant and naturally dewy even complexion.


    CandyDoll Crystal Face Powder 01 - Mineral Powder

    Masuwaka Tsubasa

        is super dolly-looking! 

    The packaging is uber sweet! kawaii-neh~

    Comes with a soft velvet powder puff.

    The mineral powder is silky and finely milled. It contains very fine micro-shimmers, which makes the skin look naturally luminous without looking like a disco-ball.

    The micro-shimmers are so fine, they are barely noticeable. As you can see from the image above, the powder goes on translucent and glowy. Great for setting foundation/BB cream without adding more color to it.

    The finished look, with CandyDoll Crystal Face Powder 01. It does help to minimize the look of my pores. The lasting power is average, as I find myself blotting and touching up after about 3-4 hours later.


    Other products used:-

    • CandyDoll Cheek Color (Peach Pink)
    • CandyDoll Lipgloss (Macaroon Pink)

    I'll be reviewing them in a separate post.

    • Mio Piccolo Eyebrow Mascara (Light Brown)
    • K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow Liner 24H (Natural Brown)
    • K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyepencil
    • K-Palette Zero Kuma Concealer (01 Natural Beige)
    • Maybelline Masterliner White
    • Maybelline Volum’ Express Magnum Ultra Comb Waterproof Mascara
    • Pupa Luminys Eyeshadow Mono 07


    ***Note: Products highlighted are provided by beauty companies for review purpose.***

    CandyDoll Price List (SGD$)

    • Liquid Foundation - $41.90
    • Powder Foundation - $40.90
    • Base Makeup - $37.90
    • Face Powder - $33.90
    • Concealer - $26.90
    • Cheek Color - $25.90
    • Lipstick - $25.90
    • Lipgloss - $25.90


    CandyDoll is available exclusively in Watsons selected stores at all the Kawaii Corner.

    ***All product info and unmarked images are extracted from press release.***

    Verlyn Hanru

    The Random Post


    The random post(s) are here to stay. Or so I thought. Blogging about non-beauty related stuff... and what's coming next for beauty-related posts (product mentions/reviews/events).

    Some time ago, I found this beauty lying on the wet bathroom floor. For a moment, I thought it was dead. And luckily, I did the right thing by picking it up gently by its wings instead of washing it away. It was very much alive!

    It didn't fly away, even when I touched it several times. Gave me ample time to get my camera to capture these shots.

    "LOVE 爱" movie is one of the "now showing" movies in the cinemas. It's been a long time since I last saw Ethan Ruan on-screen. To be honest, I was quite "disturbed" by his current hair-style... *SAD* Mark Chao certainly looks better in the movie poster.

    Anyone watch "LOVE 爱" yet?

    These simple-decorated buttercream cakes spell - nostalgia... I used to dislike the taste of the saltish buttercream when I was young. Now, I obviously don't :d~

    Pontian Wanton Mee... and my must-order kopi!

    More Instagram-ed pics of food... & kopi (lol)

    My bro bought the Olympus Tough (shockproof/waterproof) for ~$300. Takes pretty good pics, judging from the ones he took during his KL trip. He also bought an oven toaster (Tefal) :D

    Watched "This Means War" with my sis. Thanks F*** Magazine for the premiere tix and mouse pad! We were laughing along with everyone else in the movie theatre throughout the show. Not as action-packed as I thought. Overall, it was a pretty watchable movie. By the way, Chris Pine Tom Hardy look so much better in the movie as compared to the poster. Hmm... Reese Witherspoon was the opposite though.

    My 1st time trying Share Tea... I still prefer Gong Cha! Very addicted to GC Oolong Milk Tea (House Special)

    To end off this random post, I received a goodie package (CandyDoll/Kameria/L'egere) last week (Thanks!). Will be featuring them in the upcoming posts.

    My favorite $2 hauls from Nanairo - eyebrow mascara, black glitter eyeliner, mosaic blush. Best buys ever. These are also sold at Guardian Pharmacy/John Little at least $8, some >$10. What a rip-off!

    Oh, another best buy from Watsons. Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream UV 50% off = $10.95 *HAPPY MAX* I've been wanting to try this for the longest time!

    Ok, that's all. Have a great weekend! (:

    Verlyn Hanru

    More New Finds @ Sasa & Watsons


    More and more new brands/products... That might explain the never-ending haul(s) we've? >.<~~



    New Sana Pore Putty BB Cream. Simple, convenient squeeze-tube packaging. Priced at SGD$23.90 (if I'm not wrong).

    Some of the Sana products are at 40% off. Quite a good deal, I would say.



    Additions to the CandyDoll range - the base items.

    [CandyDoll Price List in SGD]

    • Liquid Foundation $41.90
    • Powder Foundation $40.90
    • Base Makeup $37.90
    • Face Powder $33.90
    • Concealer $26.90
    • Cheek Color $25.90
    • Lipstick $25.90
    • Lipgloss $25.90


    Skin79 Lovely Girl BB Cream -> CLICK HERE for review

    Priced at only SGD$21.90. Very affordable (:

    LoveMore Aqua Cucumber Extract & Ceramide Moisturizing (Deep Hydrating) complete range of products (toner, serum, moisturizer, sheet mask).

    CLICK HERE for the sheet mask review.

    New KATE eyeshadow palettes, the usual colors (nothing special). Easy-to-wear colors. Priced at SGD$27.

    L'oreal Infaillible Eyeshadow swatches, taken using iPhone. Super poor lighting =.=

    Priced at $14.90 each. Anyway, most of 'em are OOS @ Watsons b'coz of the Buy 2 Get 1 Free promo. In the end, I got 022 Emerald Lame (Chantana bought on behalf of me & Jones).

    Uber kawaii~ Sexylook Hello Kitty Mask Sets! These sets are priced at SGD$13 (5pcs).

    Hello Kitty Amethyst Polyphenols Hydrating Double Lifting Mask SGD$19 (7pcs).

    Verlyn Hanru

    Random: Spotted/Swatched @ Watsons.. Guardian..


    It's gonna be a random post about some "new" stuff spotted @ Watsons AND Guardian. No review(s), just swatches.

    CandyDoll is now available @ Watsons. Price range is $25.90 - $33.90 (correct me if I'm wrong). The product range is quite.. pathetic though.. Only lipglosses, lipsticks, mineral face powder.. That's about it.. -___-"

    No testers available for all, only selected.

    CandyDoll Mineral Face Powder in Crystal Pearl. The powder feels soft and finely-milled.

    As seen from the pics, the powder has very fine shimmers. Heard alot of raves about this product. So I might get it eventually? FYI, there's a normal version with no shimmers.

    I swatched CandyDoll Lipgloss in Macaroon Pink and Peach Orange. The top right corner swatch is CandyDoll Highlight - Cream Beige.

    ZA launched a series of mascaras, eyeliners recently.

    I only swatched the eyeliners. Seemed pretty normal to me. A rather intense black. Anyway, I think only the ZA liquid eyeliner is new. The others are repackaged? I know not.

    Hmm.. I swatched this CandyDoll Lipstick but I'd no idea what shade is this.. Not stated on the tester.. Milky beige-orange kinda shade..

    Canmake's new fake eyelashes with transparent band.. Got a few to choose from..

    There're bottom lashes too! $9.90 each.

    The much talked about product recently. In case you missed my review on Bioré Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash, CLICK HERE :D

    Okay, let's move on to Guardian. Spotted KATE limited edition eyeshadow palettes ($27 each). I can't seem to find these @ Watsons though.

    Pinkish beige-brown shades.

    Golden brown shades.

    The usual KATE eyeshadow quality. Sheer but buildable colors.

    That's all for now. Thanks for popping by!

    Verlyn Hanru

    "Superstar" Day (Food + LOTD: Purplicious Princess Fantasy)


    After the Bio-essence event ended, I went to meetup with my gf. Initially thought of just going for some caffeine fix at Coffee & Toast (Citylink Mall). We somehow ended at a place where we shouldn't be x:

    No, not KFC. We went to Chicking (Marina Square). Jessie recommended this place as the chicken meat is tender and juicy :d~ YUM YUM ! And not oily, I like ! We shared the 2pc chicken meal as we did have lunch. Umm this was a mini tea break LOL


    The meal consists of chicken ribs (her favorite), chicken drumstick (my favorite), whipped potato x 2 & ice lemon tea. $6.50 but we paid only $5.50 coz got discount coupon :p

    KFC, Popeyes, Arnold's, Chicking. Which one you prefer ?

    Chicking whipped potato has a buttery taste which I like. BUT I don't like the brown gravy. Luckily, Jessie's preference is exact opposite xD

    A few hours later, Kelvin picked ups up and drove us to Golden Mile Food Centre for dinner.

    I had the famous Chung Cheng Prawn Mee (dry). Generous serving indeed for just $3 ! See the amount of chilli o.O There's prawn, pork ribs, sliced eggs, tau pok. Not the best I'd eaten so far. The soup was pretty good (refillable somemore). I still Beach Road Prawn Noodle House !

    Jessie's favorite famous 91 Char Kway Teow, which I don't really like much. Rather healthy coz of the veggies added, without pork/lard sounds so wrong =.= I still prefer the sinful version with lotsa pork/lard x:






    Camwhore time :3

    On my face:

    • Bio-essence Platinum BB Cream
    • Lioele Real Crystal Powder Pact no.2 (sparingly on eye area only)
    • Muji Pink Swirl Blush


    On my eyes:

    • Sana Naginata Eyebrow 03 Honey
    • Too Faced Shadow Insurance
    • Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara
    • Sasatinnie Super Dolly Powerful Curling Mascara - Black
    • CandyDoll Highlighter - Marshmallow Purple
    • SMH e/s - Ultra Violet
    • Ed Pinaud Magical e/s No.05
    • Etude House Eye Glow Pencil 2
    • Anna Sui Eyeliner Pencil WP 900


    On my lips:

    • Nature Republic Age Slick Dual Secret Lip Color & Gloss 04 Coral Pink


    I like that it's non sticky and gives my lips a fuller look. I love this pink on me and the awesome shimmers It stays on pretty well and my lips did feel moisturized. No annoying scent. The downside is none other than the rather bulky packaging. That's about it. Thanks for reading (:

    Verlyn Hanru

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