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LOTD: Little Mermaid + Chillin' Out @ Bakerzin


The colors I used in this LOTD, reminds me of Little Mermaid. Hmm .. or izzit just me (hahas) ?

I'm lovin' this combination of teal & gold ! Do you ?


  • Sana Naginata Eyebrow 03 Honey
  • LA Splash Mineral Eyeshadow 16618 Exquisite (gold color)
  • SMH eyeshadow Parakeet (teal color)
  • Anna Sui Eyeliner Pencil WP 900
  • Maybelline Volum' Express Mascara Waterproof Maximum Brown



  • Majolica Majorca Rouge Majex Liquid Rouge BE205



  • Averine Satin Smooth Foundation (shade unknown since it was applied by the therapist after my facial at Leonard Drake)
  • Lioele Real Crystal Powder Pact no.2
  • Alobon Baked Blusher no.03


My naked cleansed face after my facial at Leonard Drake. Scary ? LOL

Went to Bakerzin after watching this German movie, "Rabbit Without Ears 2".

Enjoyed the movie though I I don't even know what they're talking about. Lucky there's subtitles :D Hilarious, laughed out loud all the way.

We had Bakerzin Sweet Pleasure, a pretty delectable hazelnut chocolate layered cake dessert. Savored every single bit.

Love these oh-so-delicious Baked Chicken Wings ! Best dipped with the sauce provided. Heavenly, I tell you ! :d~

Verlyn Hanru

Of Special Dates & Food Indulgence ♥


I'm a self-professed food lover. I just can't have enough of good food, not necessarily expensive (most importantly must taste good). And so, beauty stuff aside, I shall go into a lil' food indulgence here and there.

Ok, first up is Cedele. This place was introduced to me by my lil' sis, she simply love Cedele soups and salads. I ordered Black Pepper Crab Pasta on my very 1st visit (Wheelock Place) and it tasted really good. Naturally, I had pretty good impression of that place (yummy food, nice ambience). The bill is not that steep, main course alone will set you back about prolly about $20ish, depending on what you order.

This time (Wheelock Place again), I ordered Wild Blueberry Pancake with Vanilla Butter, Maple Syrup and Sausages. I was craving for blueberry pancakes for the longest time and Jones The Grocer's pancakes didn't really create much impact on me (a letdown in fact).

Did Cedele's wild blueberry pancakes "WOW" me ?

YES DEFINITELY ! Food orgasm :p They tasted heavenly seriously. I wanna try other pancake flavors next time for sure. Too bad Jessie wasn't there as she had to attend Dr Haushcka event at Clarke Quay. I went there with Hendrix instead. He ordered some Beef Pasta (I think). I guessed it tasted good since he finished every bit. He also helped me to eat one pancake & half-sausage :x

I had Green Tea Mocha, quite an interesting combination. Tasted ok but I'll prolly not order next time hahas xD As for him, he had Organic Depot's Brew (not nice according to him) since he don't like to drink teas. After dinner, we had Stella Artois beer (damn inpromptu decision).

To him: Thanks for the treat (;






Late lunch with Jessie at Marché (Vivocity). Rosti (with German pork sausage) is a must-order for me. An additional egg which is too oily and I didn't like the yolk to be so well-done. Overall too oily.

Dessert/Savory Crepes is also a must-order. This time, Assorted Mushroom Crepes :d~ Yeah very tasty, I like ! We just had these and were super full by then. After which, we went to Coffee Bean for some caffeine fix. Hers was Ice Blended Mocha while I had Dark Chocolate Orange Latte (nice albeit tad sweet).

And so, we went to Lai Lai Casual Dining to have our dinner fix (another day). My recommendation as I was craving for beef noodles :p My last visit was about 2 years ago ? Ordered the wrong beverage :/ I wanted milk tea, oh well.

"Bubbly" photo of me with the Jasmine Bubble Teas. More like "Chubby" IMO =.=

My Beef Soup Noodles, which I added $1 for tendons (very little only).

Just look at her Taiwanese Stewed Pork Rice !! I will order this next time, instead of my usual Beef Noodles. I merely took a spoonful to try, damn good I tell you !

I like this Salt-Pepper Chicken, but she don't like. Hmm nice leh.

Braised Pork Large Intestines :d~ Not bad, just a bit fatty only. Wonderful dinner ^^v

Another day of food indulgence :D My 1st time meeting Ryna (Jessie's colleague). And, we clicked really well !

Btw, we were at Bakerzin (Paragon) for light dinner.

Jessie & Yours Truly (:

Ryna ordered Pumpkin Soup. Not bad, I don't know what's the whitish creamy stuff though.

Caesar Salad. A rather small bowl. Those strips are actually cheese.

Tuna Aglio Olio, much nicer than what I expected.

Super disappointed with the Seafood Pasta !! Not nice at all. The pasta was not cooked well. The seafood was not that fresh :/ The one I had at Vivocity outlet was far tastier !!

My 1st time to Modesto's near Orchard Hotel, recommended by Jessie and Linda. We went there straight after the CozyCot 9th Birthday Bash event. Famished max since that was going to be my 1st meal for the day.

The Fritto Misto was OMFG delicious max ! It kinda looked blah in the photo but trust me, it was damn good albeit the steep pricing $21.50++. Assortment of deep fried soft-shell crab squid, silver bream and prawns served with tartar sauce.

Last but not least, regular-sized Salsiccia E Scamorza (Traditional Wood-Fired Pizza) $21.50++. There's tomato, mozzarella cheese, scamorza cheese and pork sausages. The crust was quite thin and crispy, nothing like Pizza Hut. Love the pork sausages, yum yum !

Next time, I'm gonna try Skinny Pizza ! o.O They say the pizza crust is super thin and taste even nicer than Modesto's !

That's all for now. Do you love food as much as I do ? Share with me your favorite food haunts :D

Verlyn Hanru

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