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Posts for April 2012


Beauté Revital Power Snail Cream and Mask


Besides Sooryehan & Beyond, I also received Beauté Revital snail products, also from LG Household and Health Care. You can purchase 'em via The Face Apps.


Beauté Revital Power Snail Cream

$89.90 / 45ml

Contains 60.04% snail secretion filtrate!

An extra mild snail cream that enhances the regeneration ability of stem cells with the natural self-healing power of snails.

This all-natural snail cream uses, instead of high purified water, a high concentration of mucin, an ingredient present in the viscous secretion of snails that gives snails their self-healing ability to move across a razor blade unscathed.

Rich in chondroitin sulfates, mucin visibly reduces skin troubles and blemishes with the amazing power to revitalize skin and protect it from harmful surroundings, leaving skin smooth, clear and clean. Also, the rapid lifting effect of sweet almond proteins leaves skin firm, while natural biopolymers generated from soy fermentation maintain hydration.


How to use?

  • Spread cream into a thin layer over cheeks and forehead.
  • Lightly pat skin with palms.
  • Continue patting until the viscous substance has been fully absorbed.


7-free:- artificial colorant-free, ethanol-free, mineral oil-free, triethanolamine-free, benzophenon-free, BHT-free, GMO-free

It is housed in a typical acrylic jar and comes with a spatula (not pictured) for hygiene purpose.

I've been using this for a month so far. This is the final step of my skincare routine, after toner and serum. That is, if I'm not using Sooryehan Fermented Overnight Pack.

I prefer to use it at night as I find that the consistency to be too rich for day use. Mildly gummy, I would say. Inevitably, it does take a while to absorb. I'll lightly pat the skin for a few mins until I feel it's fully absorbed. Once absorbed, it doesn't feel as sticky as before.

Hmm... there's one thing that this product can do without - the strong sweet creamy scent (I think it's the sweet almond proteins?), which can be rather overwhelming. Well... as long as the product works well, nothing else matters right? heh.

Overall, I like that it is effective in skin regenerating... the healing of blemish scars and improvement in natural skin tone. My complexion is visibly clearer and smoother now. It also hydrates the skin pretty well, leaving it soft and supple. Moreover, it doesn't clog pores or cause any irritations/breakouts. Thumbs up!


Beauté Revital Power Snail Mask

$9.90 / 1pc

It contains 0.5% of snail secretion filtrate.

The hydrogel mask material is thin and translucent, and the texture is similar to that of agar-agar. It comes in upper and lower parts, wedged between a white plastic sheet and a clear film... which I've encountered slight difficulty in getting the mask out. Part of the mask doesn't adhere to the skin well. Upon applying on the mask, there's a nice cooling sensation.

I leave on the mask for about 20 mins. The essence has faint whiffs of floral, very pleasant. It has a runny consistency, which feels mildly slimy. Instead of rinsing with water (after mask removal), I lightly pat the essence until it's fully absorbed into skin. It only takes about few mins, by the way. Ahh... it feels so nourishing for the skin!

Within such a short time span, the mask has the incredible ability to soothe most of the redness on my skin (due to light extraction). It also hydrates the skin very well. My skin looks much brighter and glowy after mask-ing. Definitely one of the better masks I've tried so far.



  • 3 FREE Snail Masks with every Snail Cream purchase
  • FREE Klairs facial mist with $80 purchase
  • FREE 2 masks + registered post with $50 purchase
  • 1st 50 customers with ANY purchase will get a set of Klairs samples FREE



remember to join the Klairs Giveaway HERE! Ends 26th April 2012 2359H.

***All product info are extracted from press release.***

Verlyn Hanru

Be Discovered for a Brighter, Whiter Smile!


I don't know about you, but I get super turned off by people with bad oral hygiene. No matter how good-looking you are, having yellow teeth and/or bad breath just ruins everything literally.

Making conscious effort to take care of our teeth is a must. Besides having shiny white teeth, good oral hygiene may also help to prevent or delay tooth erosion.

A toothy smile (:

I make it a point to brush my teeth at least twice a day, sometimes after a meal if possible (or when necessary). Having clean teeth and fresh breath, is that important to me.


Be Discovered for a Brighter, Whiter Smile with Darlie All Shiny White...

I've been using Darlie since young and it's the brand I trust most.


Darlie All Shiny White Enamel Care Toothpaste

Tooth erosion affects the entire surface of the tooth. In time, tooth erosion can cause thinned enamel, and eventually can expose the softer dentine underneath the enamel. The enamel is a tissue covering the surface of the tooth crown and is the hardest, most highly mineralized substance in the human body. Functional enamel helps to absorb pressure of biting and chewing, protects the teeth inner structure and is essential for a beautiful smile. Dentine is sensitive so erosion can lead to your teeth being more sensitive to hot, cold or sweet foods and drinks.

Use Darlie All Shiny White Enamel Care Toothpaste everyday to give you the captivating smile and strong teeth you’ve always desired. Its multi-benefit formula combines whitening power and enamel protection to strengthen teeth through re-mineralisation while 50 million of SWA (Speedy Whitening Agent) whitening molecules work to remove surface stains effectively. Be ready for healthy enamel and a dazzling whiter smile in just 14 days! What’s more, it also contains a unique enamel care formula that is enhanced with 45% more enamel strengthening ingredient*, which helps to speed up the re-mineralisation of the enamel process as it restores surface smoothness of the teeth.

*as compared to Darlie All Shiny White Toothpaste

The toothbrush is part of the travel kit, together with Darlie All Shiny White Enamel Care Toothpaste.

Minty and fresh!

I like that it foams up well!

My teeth is now brighter and whiter, thanks to the very effective wallet-friendly Darlie All Shiny White Enamel Care Toothpaste! I notice that the surface stains on my teeth are slowly disappearing... *toothy grin*

By the way, I really enjoy using Apple Mint! Minty, fresh AND fruity - I like (;


Besides Enamel Care, Darlie All Shiny White comes in 4 other variants - All Shiny White (Regular)Lime Mint, Apple Mint & Mineral Salt.

All Shiny White (Regular)

An advanced whitening system specially designed for a shiny white smile. The formulation removes stubborn stains and whitens your teeth all around.

  • Clinical proven to effectively whiten your teeth in 14 days
  • Speedy Whitening Agent (SWA) removes yellowish stains
  • Natural Mint keeps fresher breath
  • Fluoride for healthy teeth


Lime Mint

An advanced whitening system specially designed for a shiny white smile. The formula with a lime aroma and natural mint keeps your mouth tangling with a sweet and cool sensation of natural freshness.

  • Clinical proven to effectively whiten your teeth in 14 days
  • Speedy Whitening Agent (SWA) removes yellowish stains
  • Lime aroma for refreshing sensation
  • Natural Mint keeps fresher breath
  • Fluoride for healthy teeth


    Apple Mint

    An advanced whitening system specially designed for a shiny white smile. The unique blend of apple and fresh mint gives you an ultra refreshing taste and truly clean feeling.

    • Clinical proven to effectively whiten your teeth in 14 days
    • Speedy Whitening Agent (SWA) removes yellowish stains
    • Apple aroma for refreshing sensation
    • Natural Mint keeps fresher breath
    • Fluoride for healthy teeth


    Mineral Salt

    An advanced whitening system specially designed for a shiny white smile. Uniquely formulated with mineral salt from the sea of New Zealand, giving you a gentler way to care for your oral health and help maintain healthy gums.

    • Clinical proven to effectively whiten your teeth in 14 days
    • Speedy Whitening Agent (SWA) removes yellowish stains
    • Formulated with mineral salt for oral health
    • Natural Mint keeps fresher breath
    • Fluoride for healthy teeth


    Available at all supermarkets, hypermarkets and medical pharmacies at a recommended retail price of $3.15 each (excluding the travel kit).


    <iframe width="547" height="480" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/jmEtPtzEzpM" frameborder="0"></iframe>


    Have you seen the above TVC running in Channel 5, 8, U and cable TV?

    Ahh... the model is gorgeous, especially her captivating bright white smile (thanks to Darlie All Shiny White)!


    Darlie is proud to be the Main Sponsor for Academy Fantasia 2012!

    Academy Fantasia is a premier program that has garnered great viewership and captured the hearts of audiences around the region. Darlie is excited to be a part of the search for the next “shiny” star. Having a brighter and whiter smile will definitely boost one's confidence, yes?


    Remember to catch the Darlie Angels to get a free 40g Darlie sample & stand a chance to win attractive prizes!

    21-22 Apr: FairPrice Xtra AMK, FairPrice Xtra Hougang Pt, FairPrice Woodlands Civic

    28-29 Apr: FairPrice Xtra Nex, FairPrice Bedok, FairPrice Tiong Bahru Hub

    (Time: 11am - 3pm)

    ***All product info and TVC are extracted from press release.***

    Verlyn Hanru

    Review: original beautyblender®


    In the past, I only use my trusty fingers to apply liquid foundation. Well, I still use this method, but not as often now. When I want a more flawless finish, I'll reach out for Sigma F80, a super awesome brush by the way.

    Now, I've another new awesome makeup tool for flawless finish makeup. YES-YES, the much sought after "celebrity" egg-like makeup sponge - beautyblender®. Egg-cited much!

    Oh yeah!~ THANKS Ariel (Japalang Pte Ltd

    The single beautyblender® comes in this packaging, retails for $29.90 at selected BHG stores and beautycarousel.com.


    Also comes in:-

    • the duo kit (2 x beautyblender®) - $39.90
    • starter kit (beautyblender® blendercleanser® 5oz) - $49.90

    PS: The full-size blendercleanser® comes in 6oz, retails for $28.90.


    If hot pink ain't your kind of color, there's always the pure™ version.


    I've been using this for a couple of times, to apply liquid foundation. And... I'm lovin' it!

    The pointed end of the sponge makes it easier for me to reach the smaller areas of the face - around the nose and mouth, under the eyes.

    Fyi, it can also be used for achieving dramatic results with eyeshadow... sounds interesting eh? heh. I haven't tried for myself though :D

    soft and 'bouncy'!

    The round base is meant to be used on the larger areas of the face - forehead, cheeks and chin. Its lack of edges eliminates streaks, allowing for a perfect makeup application every time.

    the cute lil' hot pink "egg"!

    beautyblender® is 100% latex-free, odorless and hypoallergenic. With proper maintenance, the makeup sponge should last 4 to 6 months.

    beautyblender® can be used with all types of makeup, including loose powder and mineral makeup. It can also be used wet or dry BUT... the BEST results are achieved when used WET.

    When wet, it becomes bloated to almost twice its original size! SO CUTE~

    When it air dries, it goes back to its normal size.


    How to use?

    Dampen beautyblender® and towel dry to remove excess water before use. Using the stippling technique, I 'bounce' the sponge with liquid foundation up and down onto the skin (I like how soft it feels on the skin!). This ensures that the liquid foundation is applied evenly onto the skin, deposits and blends the base makeup all at once.

    I apply a light layer, building coverage when needed. To conceal skin imperfections, I simply stipple and twist over 'em.

    I find that when used with liquid foundation with thinner consistency, a lot of product gets soaked up by the sponge. Hence, I'll dot the product on the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose first, then proceed with the stippling technique. I think it'll work better with liquid foundations of slightly thicker consistency.

    I'm currently using Daiso detergent to cleanse it after every use. Not bad, in my opinion. Do note that the color does bleed a little with every wash. For better cleansing power, the blendercleanser® is definitely highly recommended.


    This is just a thin layer of liquid foundation. The almost airbrushed finish WOW-ed me upon the 1st use. I never knew this cute lil' egg can actually make such a significant difference!

    I love how it leaves my base makeup looking smooth, even and naturally flawless. No unsightly streaks or uneven patches at all. Amazing!

    100% streak-free! No cakiness too!

    beautyblender® has undoubtedly become my favorite makeup tool now. Gonna repurchase once it retires in 6 months time (:

    Ok, that's all for now. Have a great week ahead!

    ***All product info and unmarked images are extracted from press release.***

    Verlyn Hanru

    Fashion Feature: MadAboutJu


    With a dash of panache and a lot of style, MadAboutJu offers affordable fashion that fits and flatters. Their collections are carefully sourced, and manufactured with passion. They bring you the latest designs, which make you look good without burning a hole in your pocket.

    My Sweet Valentine

    The dress comes in 2 colors - black & cream. The belt is my own.

    I adore the sweet little heart prints all over the dress, as well as the pleats from waist down. The slight gathers at the top is particularly bust-enhancing (hehehe~).

    The chiffon-polyester blend material is fully lined, non sheer. And, the dress length is just right for my height (1.64m).

    Like a Jagger

    This is meant to be worn as a dress, but it's way too short on me, hence I paired it with jeggings.

    The zigzag patterns and little flare at the bottom, have this slimming optical illusion, which makes it look flattering on me. As my shoulders are narrow, the inclusion of little sponge pads in the sleeves will make 'em look a lil' wider. The stretchable cotton material is soft and comfy. A dress/top suitable for all occasions.




    Here's your chance to express your love for fashion! Check out my "Outfit of the Day" photo on MadAboutJu FB Page and comment "I Love This Look!".

    One lucky winner will win a Fuwarie Prostyle Hair Styling Mist (150ml) - protect your hair when you use hair styling tools and keep your curls tight and bouncy for extended wear!


    Check out MadAboutJu. My readers will enjoy FREE registered mail with purchase of 2 items or more. Just quote luvverlyn when checking out under the comments section.

    ***All product info and unmarked images are extracted from press release.***

    Verlyn Hanru

    Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover


    If you don't already know, Bifesta was previously known as Cleansing Express (Japan's 1st water-based makeup remover brand). In this post, I'll be reviewing the gentle yet powerful Eye Makeup Remover that I started using recently.

    After shaking the bottle, this is how it looks...

    Why do I need to shake well before use? This is to activate the bi-phase formula to remove eye makeup quickly and gently. The emollient layer (above) containing Vitamin E, helps remove the waterproof eye makeup. As for the water base (below) containing Vitamin B, it wraps oil and sebum.

    How to use? After shaking well, I pour the makeup remover onto cotton pad -- making sure it's adequately soaked. I hold on to about 20-30s before wiping off.


    True enough, Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover does live up to its claims - gentle yet powerful! With a single wipe, it removes waterproof eye makeup thoroughly without tugging (no eyelash fall-outs!). For super stubborn waterproof mascara, I'll need to do it twice at most. I like that it doesn't sting my eyes, no signs of irritation. I also like that my eye area feels refreshed after makeup removal, with no greasy or sticky residue. Btw, this can be used to remove lip makeup as well.

    It retails for $12.90 (145ml), which is a pretty affordable price to pay for such an effective product (in my opinion). I like it very-very much! This is a definite repurchase for me

    PS: Remember to double-cleanse after removing all makeup! (:

    Verlyn Hanru

    My New Hair Color... PINK-a-boo!


    I haven't been doing much to my hair this year, as compared to last year. The last time I had my hair professionally colored was like 10 months ago... last year June!

    2 days ago, I went for a last minute hair workshop at the new Goldwell (Kao) office. I was late... b'coz I mistook UE Square for United Square... Zzzzzz... blur me! The former is at Clemenceau Ave, whereas the latter is at Novena area.

    The theme was "sweet" hair colors. What came to my mind immediately was... Japanese kawaii girls' soft and sweet kind of hair color... those we mostly see in Vivi, Popteens... I was more than happy when they actually mean "sweet" hair colors, which are inspired by confectionery... think macaroons in candy colors 

    Getting the mid-section of my hair bleached...

    Pinkify-ing my hair... 

    The session took about 5 ½ hours. I wanted pink and purple, something like Xiaxue's... but not the whole head of coz (I can't carry off the look...)! Due to time constraint, the hair stylist can only do warm tones on my hair. Hence, no candy hues for me >.<" unless my hair color is as light as Jone's...

    Regardless, he did a fantastic job! Thanks Zac! :D

    I tweeted the above pics, which didn't tell much about my new awesome chio (pretty) hair. heh.

    Thanks ah mei for helping me take pics :D

    My hair crown is supposed to be the darkest (dark ruby red), gradually lighter at the hair ends. The pinks are "hidden" beneath the darker hair strands.

    I love the neon pinks! :P

    My new chio hair color

    Pink, you don't fade so fast okie? >.<"

    My LOTD, using:-

    • Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes Mascara
    • K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h Waterproof (Dark Brown)
    • Murad Skin Perfecting Primer (Blemish and Shine Control)
    • Shu Uemura White Recovery Ex Whitening Powder Foundation 575
    • K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow Liner 24H (Natural Brown)
    • Stage Eye Liner 02 Broadway Brown
    • KATE Eyebrow Color LB-1
    • MAC Sheertone Blush (Instant Chic)
    • Pop Beauty Cheeky Cake (Beach Beauty)
    • Mavala Lip Gloss 28 Bubble Gum


    *Note: Products highlighted are provided by beauty companies.

      Verlyn Hanru

      My Sasatinnie Celebratory Look


      from March 29 to April 30, Sasa is celebrating her 34th Anniversary. And, I've joined the "Sasatinnie Celebratory Look" contest organized for bloggers. You can vote for me HERE (:

      To create my "Sasatinnie Celebratory Look", Sasa sent me the following products:-

      • Sasatinnie Limited Edition Fall in Love Makeup Palette 01 Vivid Purple Collection
      • Sasatinnie Sugary Heart Lipgloss Palette 02 Pinky Red Collection
      • Sasatinnie Sparky Liquid Eyeliner 03 Regal Blue


      I totally adore the cute packaging, which some might find kiddy or whatever. Well... I'm just a kid at heart :P My heart was literally fluttering when I received 'em. heh.


      Sasatinnie Limited Edition Fall in Love Makeup Palette

      01 Vivid Purple Collection

      Retails for $29.90.

      The blush is decently pigmented and has a satin finish. For the look, I apply the mix of rosy pink and pink, then the highlighter color. Alternatively, you can swirl the trio for a lovely subdued candy pink.

      I find the eyeshadows to be rather well-pigmented, which hold up well even without the use of primer. The lighter shimmery shades feel kinda gritty, while the darker shades apply very smoothly.

      I like the bubblegum pink lip color, which does show up on the lips -- glossy with a hint of color.


      Sasatinnie Sugary Heart Lipgloss Palette

      02 Pinky Red Collection

      Retails for $12.90.

      This has gotta to be the prettiest among all And, the color combination is so sugary sweet!

      The lip color I chose for my look!

      I don't really fancy lip palettes but this is clearly an exception :P

      Lipglosses in pan form, with a heart in the middle. You can use the colors alone, or mix 'em up. Like most lipglosses, they are not that pigmented, which add a bit of color and sheen to the lips.


      Sasatinnie Sparky Liquid Eyeliner

      03 Regal Blue

      Retails for $11.90.

      A beautiful shade of blue, which contains sparkly silver glitters.

      The close-up finished eye makeup look.

      Using Sasatinnie Limited Edition Fall in Love Makeup Palette 01 Vivid Purple Collection, I apply the shimmery pale gold shade as the base, then the pink-lavender shade all over the lids. Next, I define the outer-V using the plum and dark purple shades. I apply the same shades to the outer 1/3 of lower lashline.

      Using K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyepencil, I tightline my upper lashline. Then I finish off the look with Sasatinnie Sparky Liquid Eyeliner 03 Regal Blue.

      Remember to coat the lashes with waterproof mascara OR apply fake lashes.

      My "Sasatinnie Celebratory Look"

      Vote for me HERE if you like my look? TIA! (:

      ***All product info and unmarked images are extracted from press release.***

      Verlyn Hanru

      NEW! beautyblender® pure™


      In celebration of nature's most “perfect egg design”, the original beautyblender® is stripped (of its color)!

      the egg look-alike!

      beautyblender® pure™ is the same amazing makeup sponge applicator but without colour. It utilizes the innovative elliptical shape, texture and material of the famed beautyblender® makeup sponge -- the perfect tool for prepping the skin for makeup application.

      pure™ is designed to be used with moisturizers, eye treatment serums and lotions, makeup primers and makeup removers to be a truly hygienic, gentle way to ensure optimal use of the most advanced skin care products.


      Why beautyblender® pure™?

      • Shape: its patent-pending elliptical shape makes application foolproof as by enabling you to access hard-to-reach areas with stunning ease
      • Texture: its suede texture is sensual to the touch and its unique curves fit the contours of your face
      • Material: latex-free, non-allergenic and odor-free
      • Color: pure white, clean and simple


      How to use pure™?

      • Bounce it against your face when applying makeup primers, eye treatments and moisturizing serums. Bouncing, otherwise known as stippling, blends product evenly onto the skin ensuring complete coverage. Remember to use it damp.
      • Use the pointed side for hard-to-reach areas like around the nose and mouth, under the eyes.
      • Use the round base on the larger areas of your face - forehead, cheeks and chin.


      Launched specially for BHG's 17th Anniversary, this limited edition beautyblender® pure™ kit will be available at a special price of $59 (UP: $76) at BHG (Bugis, Clementi, Tampines, Bishan). While stocks last!

      PS: According to Ariel, there are less than 100 kits islandwide!


      The limited edition beautyblender® pure™ kit consists of:-

      • pure™ sponge
      • solid cleanser (travel friendly alternative to the original liquid blendercleanser®, which provides the same cleansing results and soothing lavender fragrance)
      • air bag (this mesh pouch allows light and air to pass through, allowing your beautyblender® to dry thoroughly and completely while decreasing the amount of bacteria build up on the sponge)


      For more info, do check out Japalang FB Page.

      I chose the original beautyblender® for review, coz I love the color - HOT PINK

      Stay tuned (:

      ***All product info and unmarked images are extracted from press release & Japalang FB Page.***

      Verlyn Hanru

      Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes Mascara


      I guess most of you have already heard of the highly acclaimed Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes Mascara, which is said to give you true doll lashes -- separated, thick, long, "nylon-shine" lashes.

      Marketed as Lancôme's first fragranced mascara, it has whiffs of ultra-feminine floral notes -- a sweet rosy scent.

      Retails at $50, available at all Lancôme Beauty counters.

      It is elegantly packaged in a curvaceous glossy black tube, embellished with a shower of Lancôme's signature roses.

      Lancôme's research laboratories actually took 7 years to perfect this ideal hybrid wand, which is protected by a trio of patents. It has a nylon, conical brush tip that enables it to capture every lash, even the tiny ones at the corner of the eyes.

      I curled my lashes prior application, which is a must.

      At least 2 coats of mascara is needed for the doll-eye effect. As you can see, the intensity of the black is there. It actually forms a liner effect at the base of lashes, making the eye look so much awake defined.

      I usually do 2 coats of mascara, shown in the image above.

      left eye with mascara, right eye without mascara

      My thoughts:

      The mascara formula is slightly wet, which takes a while to dry. The first few attempts of using this mascara weren't that favorable, quite messy in a sense. I find that it is much easier to work with after subsequent uses, when the mascara formula is more dried out. This is what I notice for most mascaras.

      I find that the brush size is too big to work with, while I like that the iconical brush tip does help in getting to the tiniest of lash easily.

      It scores well in thickening and lengthening my lashes sans the clumps, making 'em look fuller. I really like how intense the black is, with a hint of glossiness.

      The mascara being non-waterproof, I'm glad that it doesn't smudge/flake on me... not even once. However, the one thing I dislike about a non-waterproof mascara is the lack of ability to hold curls. Well, it is easily removed though -- using Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover.

      Overall, this is a pretty good mascara but doesn't have the wow factor. Having said that, I'm sure the waterproof version will fit the bill.

      ***All product info are extracted from press release.***

      Verlyn Hanru

      Sooryehan & Beyond [Review + Promotion] & Klairs Giveaway


      Last month, Apper from The Face Apps (an online store with beauty products imported directly from Korea), passed me some products from LG Household and Health Care to review.

      LG Household and Health Care is a big Korean company, which carries many well-known skincare brands such as The History of Whoo, O hui, Isaknox, LacVert, Vonin and Sooryehan.

      I'll be reviewing products from Beyond and Sooryehan in this post, starting with Sooryehan Fermented Overnight Pack.

      Sooryehan Fermented Overnight Pack

      $78.90 / 80ml

      Optimized Goohyodan created by fermentin 4 main Oriental herbal medicinal ingredients (ginseng, foxglove, pleuropterus multifloruspolygonatum falcatum) provides effective defense against aging.

      The highly enriched overnight pack has a glutinous and elastic texture without stickiness or causing discomfort. Leaves skin clear, moist, and firm to enable you to wake up to skin you dream about after a good night's sleep.

      How to Use?

      As the last step in evening basic skin care, dispense an adequate amount and gently dab while evenly applying over the entire face. Avoid areas around the eye and mouth. Massage the face gently for one minute for better absorption.


      I like that it comes with a pump dispenser - very hygienic.

      Apper told me to refrigerate it prior usage, which I did.

      My thoughts:

      After my usual night skincare routine, I dispense one pump of product for the whole face. The product itself is milky orange in color. Its consistency is slightly tacky. Do note that it has a pretty strong creamy ginseng scent. It smells good to me coz I like the smell of ginseng. Anyway, not to worry if you ain't a fan of ginseng. The scent disappears once the product gets absorbed into the skin, after a minute of massaging.

      So far, I've been using this overnight pack for about 3 weeks (2-3 times per week). I wake up to a fresh-looking complexion, every single use without fail. It helps rejuvenate my dull, lackluster skin... tighten my pores too! I'm definitely impressed when I find that my makeup adheres to my skin better now.

      And, I can feel that my skin is firmer and toned right now. Well, it might be attributed to my diligent anti-ageing skincare routine. Nevertheless, Sooryehan Fermented Overnight Pack plays a part too!


      Let's move on to masks from Beyond...

      Beyond Damage Therapy

      1pc - $9.90
      3pc - $26.70

      This is a highly concentrated hair treatment and hair cap that contains extracts from acai berries. The dual-phase intensive care hair mask repairs hair damaged by external stimuli and frequent hair styling. It delivers all natural nutrients to each strand of dull, lifeless hair to make it silky, shiny and vibrant!

      How to use?

      After shampooing, apply the treatment evenly to towel-dried hair and put on the essence-containing hair cap. Leave on for 15-20 mins, remove the cap and rinse well.


      My thoughts:

      The texture of the hair treatment is thick and creamy, which doesn't feel greasy at all. Scent-wise, it smells like coconut. I apply it onto towel-dried hair and put on the hair cap. I leave it on for 20 mins. The hair cap is essential as it will help the hair treatment get absorbed into the hair. Moreover, it contains organic acai berry extract which instantly nourishes and strengthens the hair.

      During the 20mins, my hair feels "stuffy" within the hair mask (in a good way). It feels as though I'm having a hair steam.

      After 20mins, I remove the cap and rinse my hair. I can really feel that this one-time treatment has deeply conditioned my hair, leaving it feeling so moisturized. After blow-drying my hair, my hair feels super soft and smooth to touch. The soft and smooth effect lasts for days!


      Beyond Bye-bye Panda Eyes

      1pc - $5.90
      3pc- $15.90

      Designed exclusively for the eye area, this certified whitening patch delivers highly enriched natural whitening ingredients to sagging skin around the eyes and it's dark shadow reaching to the chin, instantly boosting suppleness and radiance.

      How to use?

      Open the package and remove the patch. Peel off the transparent film from the patch to apply the smooth side to the skin. Remove after 20-40 minutes.

      My thoughts:

      The thin eye mask patch material feels like agar-agar, moist and soothing on the skin. I left it on for 40 mins. I feel that it hydrates well. And, it actually smooths out fine lines on the under eye area. However, I didn't notice any brightening effect.

      I guess with continuous use, the results will be much more apparent?


      Beyond Bye-bye Smile Lines

      1pc - $5.90
      3pc- $15.90

      Delicated anti-wrinkle patch cares for wrinkles around the mouth (smile lines) by fundamentally caring for factors causing smile lines and preventing progression to deep wrinkles. Natural essence ingredient revitalizes the skin and boosts elasticity to erase aging-related signs.

      How to use?

      Open the package and remove the patch. Peel off the transparent film from the patch to apply the smooth side to the skin. Apply the patch carefully around your smile lines and remove after 20-40 minutes.

      My thoughts:

      The mask patch material is the same as that of Bye-bye Panda Eyes. I left it on for 40 mins as well. It helps smooth out some of the fine lines and my smile line is slightly less prominent.

      With just one-time usage, I can't possibly see the line disappearing. Not bad for 1st trial? :D



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