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Posts for April 20th 2012


New Crocs New You!


To be honest, I was never a fan of Crocs. Oh well, never say never. heh.

Hmm... it was only until I saw their new styles, that I can now proclaim Crocs was no longer... just a clog! Oh yeah!~

Crocs @ Vivocity

While I think the original Crocs slip-on look incredibly cute on kids, I can't quite say the same for adults... :S

Jibbitz - adorable shoe charms to decorate & personalize your Crocs.

OOTD: Like a Jagger (MadAboutJu)

Crocs new line of sneakers, peep-toes, wedges and boat shoes deliver the same comfort as the originals.


Crocs VivoCity Fashion Show!

The fashion show features Crocs new collection, paired with a variety of outfits (from casual to dressy).

The all-new Crocs are comfortable with style... very eye-catching indeed. Perfect eye-candies!

Love her smile (:

My eye-candy of the day! CUTE RIGHT?! :P

My beloved Carter Large Tote Bag from Tocco Tenero


My 1st pair of Crocs!

***image credits to Crocs Singapore***

After much contemplation, I decided on this bold & basic Carlisa Mini Wedge ($114.90).

There are 3 colors to choose from -- Viola/pink Lemonade exudes cute girly charm, while the classic Black/Silver and Espresso/Bronze colours add the 'ooh' factor to your everyday work attire.

I chose Espresso/Bronze, simply b'coz the color is easy to match with most of my usual outfits. Dresses, mainly.

I especially like the 2-inch heel height it comes with, which makes it look not too casual.

***image credits to Crocs Singapore***

Download the Crocs Mix & Match mobile app (iPhone, Andriod) and try on the shoes virtually. This app lets you snap a picture of your outfit, allows you to choose the focus colors, and then matches the best pair of Crocs shoes to coordinate with what you're wearing. Interesting yea?

CLICK HERE to join the New Crocs, New You makeover contest and stand to win a shopping spree, makeover, shoes, and a trip to your favorite city! All you need to do is to tell Crocs why you want a makeover in less than 500 words. Easy peasy!

Verlyn Hanru

K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyepencil


When K-Palette came out with the all-new 24H Real Lasting Eyepencil, I was thrilled. My favorite liquid eyeliner in pencil form.

It comes with a twist-open cap, which is not a common feature with pencil liners. I think it's a good feature since I've encountered pencil liners "uncapping" themselves in the makeup pouch, hence dirtying it. There are times when I forgot about this feature, and end up having a "tug-of-war" moment with the eye pencil... =.=

I like that it doesn't require sharpening but dislike the fact that such products deplete faster than those that do.

It glides on smoothly, without much tugging. The intensity of black, as you can see from the image above, is as black as charcoal.

Personally, I like to use it for tightlining.

To tightline, gently lift up your eyelid and line under the upper lashline. Do it as close to the lashes as possible to fill in the lash gaps. It gives the optical illusion of naturally bigger eyes and fuller lashes.

It doesn't really fade or flake. However, it does smudge a little (got onto my lower waterline), as shown from the image above. Other than that, it stays on pretty intact at the end of the day.

Exclusively available at selected Watsons stores and beautycarousel.com.


Thanks for reading! TGIF :D

Verlyn Hanru

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