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Posts for April 2012


Firming Up with Biotherm Firm Corrector


Earlier on, I'd introduced Firm Corrector, the new bodycare product of Biotherm. To date, I've used this product for a few weeks. And, you know what? I've seen results! Hmm... not drastic kind BUT enough to be noticed (by my friends) :P

Biotherm Firm Corrector

Well, I'm not new to Biotherm bodycare products. Years ago, I'd used Biotherm Celluli-Choc and it worked pretty well for me. Naturally, I've high hopes for Firm Corrector. I'm glad it works!

The creamy goodness!

I'm in love with the invigorating yet soothing musky scent! Ahh... it smells so good... and it lingers on for a few hours...

By the way, I like that it doesn't have this "normal" hot burning sensation that most slimming products come with. It just feels like a luxurious whipped body cream. A moisturizing relief for my sahara desert skin

Ingredient List

The Massage Technique

To increase the Firming Corrector's efficacy, it is a MUST to apply the cream using the massage technique. It's like doing light workouts at the same time, coz you will be doing the massage technique by yourself. My thighs and arms feel sore the day after, the kind of feeling after a badminton game.

The ultra-rich creamy texture easily melts into the skin upon application, sans stickiness/greasiness. It doubles up as a body moisturizer, which hydrates the skin very well. My sahara desert skin feels so much smoother now.

I haven't use it on my tummy as yet. As for my arms and thighs, they feel/look slightly more toned and firmer than before. My friends remarked that my arms doesn't look as flabby as before (I was wearing a bright pink tube dress baring my arms). It came as a pleasant surprise since I eat as per normal, taking into account that I had 2 x KFC and 1 x Dominos the week before. Obviously, I didn't go on a diet... eating more in fact. The compliments make my day! They don't usually comment such things since I've always been known as the flabby one >.<~~ Hehehe... I definitely feel more confident wearing sleeveless tops and shorter skirts/dresses now (;


Biotherm Firm Corrector retails at $82 (200ml). Available at all Biotherm counters.

Read more about the product HERE.

Verlyn Hanru

The World's First Electro-Stimulation Skincare - RoC® Sublime Energy™ [plus Giveaway!]


French anti-ageing skincare expert RoC launches Sublime Energy™ - the world's first topical cream to create imperceptible micro-currents and jack up the rejuvenating, repairing and renewing process to achieve youthful skin.

I had the chance to experience this innovative product, at their debut bloggers' event. Thanks RoC Singapore & Elfaine (EK Media Pte Ltd) for the invite!

Inspired by electro-stimulation technology, RoC® Sublime Energy™ instantly recreates thousands of imperceptible micro-currents to power skin's natural repair systems. The secret lies in its E-PULSE™ Skin Electro-Stimulation Technology.


What do they have in common?

They are able to regenerate its body parts.


Why do you attract streams towards yourself?

The human body is a good conductor of electricity. When you touch the ball, the energy is actually using you as an escape route.


What directs these functions in our body?

Body currents (Bioelectricity) is very important for normal bodily functions, including skin health.

Our body is a giant battery. Since the day you were born, it uses bioelectricity as an electrical signaling system to optimize communication between cells. When cells actively 'communicate' with each other, skin repairs itself to stay radiant, youthful and baby-smooth.

However, as we age, these bioelectric signals between cells diminish, leading to the reduced production of essential proteins such as collagen and elastin. That's when signs of ageing start creeping up on us.

RoC's E-PULSE™ Skin Electro-Stimulation Technology leverages on Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies' CYTOMIMIC technology*, a patented formulation that combines essential minerals to deliver bioelectric signals that mimic the skin's own signals.

*5 years of research, 10 patents, clinical and safety tests on over 1,000 subjects over 2.5½ years.

The RoC® Sublime Energy™ line consists of skincare for DAY, NIGHT & EYE. All require a special 2-step application process.

RoC® Sublime Energy™ DAY ($92)

Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, while brightening skin and boosting radiance. Contains SPF20.


RoC® Sublime Energy™ NIGHT ($95)

Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, sagging skin and brown spots. Evens out skin tone. Lifts facial contours and promotes softer, smoother & firmer skin.


RoC® Sublime Energy™ EYE ($75) - STAR PRODUCT!

Noticeably improves the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. Regular use will visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow's feet, hence brighter and younger-looking eye area.

In a clinical evaluation on 34 subjects, it was found that immediately upon application, there's improvement in the appearance of puffiness >> 57%, wrinkles >> 36%, eye bags >> 33%, dark circles >> 21%.


Their lightweight luxurious texture makes 'em an absolute pleasure to apply!

The grey E-PULSE™ concentrate is a silicone base, which does not get absorbed into skin. When activated by moisture, these energized micro-particles act as miniature batteries that help jumpstart healthy skin functions. A continuous low-intensity flow of micro-currents is created, which fuels cell-to-cell communication to increase the production of collagen and elastin. Hence, it supercharges the skin's renewal process to reveal visible results.

The nom-noms :d~

Yummy home-made chocolates, courtesy of Amanda's sis :D

***photo credits to RoC Singapore***

My 1st caricature. Look like me?? :P

***photo credits to RoC Singapore***

***All product info are extracted from press release.***



RoC Singapore is giving away 5 sample sets of Sublime Energy™ Day + Night + Eye to my blog readers.

1. You must be my blog follower via OnSugar or Facebook.

2. Simply leave a comment (with your Name, Email and OnSugar/Facebook ID):

I am excited to try the world's 1st Bioelectricity skincare because ________________.


Only for those residing in Singapore. Giveaway ends 7th May 2012 2359HRS. I will pick 5 favorite comments.

LIKE RoC Singapore FB Page to be updated with the latest happenings!


Winners: Sharon Ngo, Bebe Lee, Quek Chay Hwai, Grace Lee, Si Ling Chen

Verlyn Hanru

NEW! STEAMCREAM Designs [May & June 2012]


For May & June 2012, STEAMCREAM will be releasing 6 new limited edition designs - BabouEurasia, Blumen, DeborahChrysantheme & Seduire.

These upcoming STEAMCREAM tins depict magnificent floral & animal designs. From the blossoming multi-coloured roses of Blumen to Babou’s adorable poodle in sunny yellow background, these STEAMCREAM tins will be the perfect beauty accessory for you and your mums this coming Mother’s Day!

Read more about STEAMCREAM HERE.

***All info and images are extracted from STEAMCREAM press release.***

Verlyn Hanru

Delicious Color's by Mavala


After Show Time, it's time for Delicious Color's - Mavala's 2012 summer collection of colorful pastel hues. I couldn't contain my excitement when I received this candied surprise from Mavala! Thanks~ :D

Very visual appealing!

A total of six delectable candied colors to choose from...


[sweet vanilla yellow]



[fluffy girly pink]



[icy candy blue]



light tangerine orange



tender ice-cream green



violet-red blossom


For my swatches, I apply the nail colors over a base coat then layer on a fast-dry top coat (I can never do without it!). These "candies" are well-pigmented, hence I find two coats to be enough for a nice opaque finish.

Ahh... I'm no expert in applying nail colors especially pastel ones in particular. However, they are easier to apply than I thought. These creamy nail colors contain super finely-milled shimmers, which are more visible upon closer scrutiny.

Honestly, I love all the six colors... My top pick is... pink orange! A color which is super rare in my stash, as I used to dislike it very-very much. Now that I'm older, I'm lovin' orange so much (same applies for yellow). I've no idea why (lol).

Hmm... Mavala nail colors are much underrated, in my opinion. If you've the chance to try 'em, you will definitely love 'em as much as I do.

The retail price of each bottle (5ml) is $5.30.

For more info & updates on Mavala, LIKE Mavala Singapore FB Page.

***All product info are extracted from press release and mavala.co.uk.***

Verlyn Hanru

NEW! Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing UV Milk SPF50 PA+++


Introducing this new baby from Hada LaboSuper Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing UV Milk SPF50 PA+++ (what a mouthful!). I was told that it was sold out within two days after its launch in Watsons! Impressive much :D

This multipurpose UV milk has 3-­in-­1 benefits: UV Protection, Hydration, and Make-­Up Base.

1) With SPF50 PA+++, users can be assured of a high, broad-­spectrum protection against UVA and UVB.

2) Like other products in the brand, Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing UV Milk SPF50 PA+++ reaches deep into the skin to moisturize the skin with three types of hyaluronic acid. It locks in moisture for a soft, supple and radiant skin all day.

3) As a Make-­Up Base, cosmetics can glide easily on the smoother skin after applying it. The light, water-like texture makes it easy for an even application, and is quickly absorbed without stickiness. The UV milk is transparent, leaving no white residues.


The UV milk is gentle on skin, as it is free of artificial ingredients such as fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol and colorant that may burden the skin. This UV milk also keeps the skin’s pH balanced, and is rigorously tested for low skin irritation. It is suitable for daily usage on the face, neck and body.

The Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing UV Milk SPF50 PA+++ is available in a 38ml bottle, priced at $19.90. Exclusively in Watsons.

Do LIKE Hada Labo FB Page to participate in the upcoming free sampling campaign and giveaways.

PS: Stay tuned for my review (:

***All product info are extracted from press release. Image credits to Hada Labo FB Page.***

Verlyn Hanru

Amethystory Beautiful Skin Search


Do you have smooth & beautiful skin? Wanna be the face of amethystory? This contest is open to all females, age 18 to 25yrs old (I'm obviously way over the eligible age...). If you're eligible, CLICK HERE to join. Grab the chance to appear in their ads!

To find out more about the Beautiful Skin Search, you can drop by amethystory roadshow event as stated below.

  • 14th April along Orchard Road >> 1pm to 5pm
  • 21th April along Orchard Road >> 1pm to 5pm
  • 27th April Temasek Polytechnic >> 11am-3pm
  • 28th April along Orchard Road >> 1pm to 5pm


PS: You will receive a free amethystory Mineral Aqua Gel sample at the roadshow event.

***image credits to amethystory FB Page.***

For the benefit of those who aren't familiar with this brand, CLICK HERE to read my reviews on their must-have products.

The Mineral Bubble Face Wash is a must-have for me, to double cleanse after makeup removal. I find that my skin feels much cleaner, as compared to the conventional ones.

Their star product Mineral Aqua Gel, I like that it exfoliates gently while removing dead skin cells effectively. If you don't like harsh face scrubs, this will be a good alternative.

Last but not least, the Mineral Aqua Whitening Enhancer. It's still my favorite product among the trio. More than just a toner, it really helps to boost hydration and whitening of skin. Most importantly, it does a fab job in enhancing the penetration of skincare products.

JOIN NOW and stand to win attractive prizes!

***All product info and unmarked images are extracted from press release unless otherwise stated.***

Verlyn Hanru

Biotherm Firm Corrector [The Redefinition of Firm Skin] + Giveaway!


Last month, I attended the exclusive preview of Biotherm's latest bodycare product launch - the Firm Corrector which gives more toned and firmer skin in just 10 days.

The event was held @ Vivocity atrium.

Biotherm takes bodycare even further, thanks to a powerful ingredient from aquatic biodiversity...

From 20 to 70 years old, the skin loses up to 50% of its collagen, the major component of firmness. It loses its elasticity, wrinkles and begins to sag.

Biotherm concentrates the firming capabilities of L. ochroleuca extract in a global re-firming, as a re-compacting skincare solution. With Firm Corrector, the skin regains its youthful toned appearance, suppleness and firmness.


After 10 days:

  • Firmness: +9.7%
  • Skin elasticity: +12%
  • Tonicity: +24.8%



  • L. ochroleuca - firmess and density
  • Mother of pearls - radiant skin and uniformity
  • Tensing polymer, PTP - tightening efficacy
  • Vegetal oils - hydration and nutrition


Firm Corrector's ultra-rich, luxurious texture is ideal for gentle application. It is non-sticky and non-oily, which allows ease of application and absorption into the skin.

The creamily smooth texture provides a fresh skin sensation, delivering instant hydration and an immediate glow and tensing effect due to the inclusion of nacre and a film-forming polymer in its formula. The skin is visibly transformed, coupled with an invigorating scent of fruity woody notes.

We got to try out some of the bodycare products.

Lait Corporel >> Hydration [Soft Skin]

Celluli Laser™ Slim Code >> Slimming [Cellulite-Free Body]

Biovergetures >> Maternity [Prevents Stretch Marks]


Next, we went for a guided Biotherm tour... :D

Biotherm's range of bodycare products.

Part of the skincare range. I love Rainie Yang

The extensive range of Biotherm Homme, represented by Takeshi Kaneshiro! So handsome >.<~~

The typical hydration level is ~36%. I think mine falls below that :(

The cute GWP-s.

I managed to fit myself... through sideway (lol) :X

Yummilicious! :d~

After a pampering massage session, I designed my very own Biotherm-inspired canvas tote bag!

Love, Biotherm 

I'll be doing a separate review on 'em (:

***Firm Corrector Review***

Biotherm Firm Corrector retails at $82 (200ml). Available at all Biotherm counters from April 2012 onwards.

***All product info and unmarked images are extracted from press release.***

5 winners will be randomly picked. Each receives a deluxe travel-size Biotherm Firm Corrector (40ml).

1. You must be my blog follower via OnSugar or Facebook.

2. LIKE Biotherm Singapore FB Page and SHARE this giveaway via FB/blog post.

3. Leave a comment in this format:


Name: Verlyn

I shared this giveaway via (FB/blog post) -- URL: ____________________

Email: verlynlou@gmail.com

OnSugar/Facebook UserID: luvverlyn


Only for those residing in Singapore. This giveaway ends 30th April 2012 2359H.

Giveaway Winners

Si Ling Chen, Shirleen Poon, Dean N., Serene Tan & Krystal Tan

Verlyn Hanru

New Crocs New You!


To be honest, I was never a fan of Crocs. Oh well, never say never. heh.

Hmm... it was only until I saw their new styles, that I can now proclaim Crocs was no longer... just a clog! Oh yeah!~

Crocs @ Vivocity

While I think the original Crocs slip-on look incredibly cute on kids, I can't quite say the same for adults... :S

Jibbitz - adorable shoe charms to decorate & personalize your Crocs.

OOTD: Like a Jagger (MadAboutJu)

Crocs new line of sneakers, peep-toes, wedges and boat shoes deliver the same comfort as the originals.


Crocs VivoCity Fashion Show!

The fashion show features Crocs new collection, paired with a variety of outfits (from casual to dressy).

The all-new Crocs are comfortable with style... very eye-catching indeed. Perfect eye-candies!

Love her smile (:

My eye-candy of the day! CUTE RIGHT?! :P

My beloved Carter Large Tote Bag from Tocco Tenero


My 1st pair of Crocs!

***image credits to Crocs Singapore***

After much contemplation, I decided on this bold & basic Carlisa Mini Wedge ($114.90).

There are 3 colors to choose from -- Viola/pink Lemonade exudes cute girly charm, while the classic Black/Silver and Espresso/Bronze colours add the 'ooh' factor to your everyday work attire.

I chose Espresso/Bronze, simply b'coz the color is easy to match with most of my usual outfits. Dresses, mainly.

I especially like the 2-inch heel height it comes with, which makes it look not too casual.

***image credits to Crocs Singapore***

Download the Crocs Mix & Match mobile app (iPhone, Andriod) and try on the shoes virtually. This app lets you snap a picture of your outfit, allows you to choose the focus colors, and then matches the best pair of Crocs shoes to coordinate with what you're wearing. Interesting yea?

CLICK HERE to join the New Crocs, New You makeover contest and stand to win a shopping spree, makeover, shoes, and a trip to your favorite city! All you need to do is to tell Crocs why you want a makeover in less than 500 words. Easy peasy!

Verlyn Hanru

K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyepencil


When K-Palette came out with the all-new 24H Real Lasting Eyepencil, I was thrilled. My favorite liquid eyeliner in pencil form.

It comes with a twist-open cap, which is not a common feature with pencil liners. I think it's a good feature since I've encountered pencil liners "uncapping" themselves in the makeup pouch, hence dirtying it. There are times when I forgot about this feature, and end up having a "tug-of-war" moment with the eye pencil... =.=

I like that it doesn't require sharpening but dislike the fact that such products deplete faster than those that do.

It glides on smoothly, without much tugging. The intensity of black, as you can see from the image above, is as black as charcoal.

Personally, I like to use it for tightlining.

To tightline, gently lift up your eyelid and line under the upper lashline. Do it as close to the lashes as possible to fill in the lash gaps. It gives the optical illusion of naturally bigger eyes and fuller lashes.

It doesn't really fade or flake. However, it does smudge a little (got onto my lower waterline), as shown from the image above. Other than that, it stays on pretty intact at the end of the day.

Exclusively available at selected Watsons stores and beautycarousel.com.


Thanks for reading! TGIF :D

Verlyn Hanru

K-Palette Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealer


Today's post will be on K-Palette Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealer, which comes in 3 shades (01 Natural Beige02 Yellow Beige03 Orange Beige). I'll be talking about 01 Natural Beige, the moisturizing variant which conceals and hydrates all at once.

PS: I'll be reviewing the eyepencil next!

SOS! kuma (bear) to the rescue!

Bear-y cute right?! :D~

It comes in a plastic, see-through tube, a reminiscent of Lancôme Juicy Tube. The slanted edge tip allows you to dab directly on and blend it out in a patting motion. However, I still prefer to dab and blend with my middle/ring finger, as the warmth of my finger will aid in blending.

It has no scent at all. I like its creamy consistency in particular, not too thick, which doesn't cake under my eyes. It glides easily on the skin and conceals adequately well.

left eye - with concealer, right eye - bare skin

You can see how it brightens up the eye area naturally (my left eye pictured on the right). Looks so much awake yea?

I also like that it can act as an overall concealer, on problem areas which need extra coverage. And, I just need to apply a light layer of powder after which.

Well, I have to say that K-Palette Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealer is definitely worth the hype. Once I'm done with this, I'll be getting 02 Yellow Beige (meant for brightening).

Retails at $19.90. Exclusively available at all Sasa stores and beautycarousel.com.

Verlyn Hanru

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