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Majolica Majorca Lash King Mascara


Majolica Majorca will be launching a new waterproof mascara - Lash King (Chapter 33) soon! According to ELLE HK, the mascara's debut launch is in Hong Kong instead of Japan.

***image credits to http://www.womanplusmagazine.com/***

***image credits to http://nanarabu.blogspot.com/***

Check out her review HERE.

***image credits to elle.com.hk***

***image credits to elle.com.hk***

Can't wait to get my hands on this! Shall see if it really live its claim as the King of mascaras...

***CLICK HERE to read my thoughts on Lash King.***

Verlyn Hanru
posted by

thanks for sharing (: mm..i've been using MM's lash expander frame plus.. love it for the waterproof effect. this new mascara seems to have a more luscious brush haha..might give it a try!

posted by

I've used most of MM's mascaras and so far so good.. Only 1 or 2 disappointing ones.. The new mascara brush looks different from the usual ones.. Shall check out more reviews before I decide (:

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