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Lovin' Bella Bamba (LOTD) & My Lemmin' for Guerlain Blush G Serie Noire


Hmm.. I've been haulin' on blushers recently, namely drugstore AND counter brands. Yes, I do know that I've one face. BUT I'm pretty sure many of you are "guilty-as-charged", no? (x

Some time ago, everyone was tweeting about this particular blush which arouse my curiosity then. The "want" in me grew day by day, and I'd been thinkin' about it 24/7. Nah, I ain't kidding =.= And so, I decided to order it online since it's much cheaper @ US$28. Now, I do understand why ladies are literally goin' gaga over this latest blusher from Benefit.

BELLA BAMBA, anyone?

The color is mostly described as a 'beautiful watermelon pink' and a 'brightened medium pink with pale gold shimmer-sheen' (by Temptalia).

Here's a swatch of Bella Bamba. Aww.. See the pretty gold shimmers! It's pigmented enough for an intense look, and works just as fine for a softer blended look.

Super close-up photo which shows how beautiful Bella Bamba is on my cheeks AND erm.. my horrendous-looking PORES too! EEKS~

Argh.. I wished I've perfect skin.. I wished.. *dreaming away*

My eye makeup using MAC pigments..

My real lashes, FYI (;

Just one mascara is needed and of coz, do CURL lashes beforehand (using Koji No.73 lash curler). Hmm.. My bottom lashes are kinda pathetic though T^T


  • Lioele Artist Auto Eyebrow #3 Grey Black
  • TFSI
  • NYX 10 Color Eyeshadow Pallet - The Runaway Collection 03 Champagne & Caviar
  • MAC Melon Pigment
  • MAC Gold Dusk Pigment
  • Anna Sui Eyeliner Pencil WP 900
  • ZA Cutie Curl Volume Mascara



  • Anna Sui Rouge S 672


  • MAC Select SPF15 Foundation NW20
  • Palgantong Theatrical Loose Powder
  • Benefit Bella Bamba



Before I end this post, I MUST show y'all my current lemmin' - Guerlain Blush G Serie Noire! Always on mind nowadays. HOW?

A pink AND coral lover's dream that is. See how pretty the colors are! 4-in-1 somemore..

And so, I swatched this beautiful blusher @ Sephora Ion. I left without buying.

What do you think? Have you bought this blusher? If not, will you buy it.. at $71?

Verlyn Hanru
posted by

Awwww...Guerlain Blush G Serie Noire super pretty.. but I cannot justify to spend SD$71 on it leh!!!

posted by

$71 for 7.94g of blusher.. MAC WW-MSF $60 for 20g =.=zzz Super pretty leis.. The Temptalia swatches are very tempting..


you need that G blush. I am biased. LOL :p

posted by

NEED -.- I shall check it out again tmr.. Heard it's oos..

posted by

Same same same! I got bella bamba but also thought about Guerlain G.

posted by

Ya so pretty.. But I didn't get it.. Hmm..

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