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L'oreal Shine Caresse - Juliette, Milady, Bella, Eve


I'm not really a fan of lip gloss since I don't fancy the sticky feel it leaves on my lips. Not to mention, the lack of color payoff. Well, L'oreal Shine Caresse might have just changed my perception of lipglosses altogether.

I love the idea of hybrid lip products where I get the color intensity of a lipstick, the shine of a lipgloss and the long lastingness of a lipstain. It just sounds perfectly perfect. And, it is.

For a drugstore brand, the sleek gold tube packaging does make it look more expensive. And, definitely more classy.

In Singapore, Shine Caresse is available in 8 candy-colored shades:

  • 600 Venus (peach)
  • 603 Milady (iridescent violet)
  • 604 Bella (peach pink)
  • 605 Eve (fuchsia)
  • 606 Lolita (nude pink)
  • 702 Juliette (coral red)
  • 801 Princess (bright coral)
  • 900 Pretty Lady (nude brown)

CLICK HERE to view the swatches.

Some say they are dupes for YSL Glossy Stains. I can't comment much, as I've never tried the YSL ones.

Shine Caresse has a liquidy creme texture that does not make my lips feel sticky. The color payoff is better than most lip glosses, with a subtle shine. There is no/hardly visible shimmers in all shades. Do note that it is scented... a sweet bubblegummish scent that some might dislike. I am fine with that.

As you can see from the images below, my lips were very dry and cracked prior applying Shine Caresse. I like that it does not accentuate the dryness of my lips. Instead, they look freshly moisturized with a rich coat of candy hue.</p>

Overall, they are pretty long-lasting. Even after a meal/drink, it leaves behind a nice even stain.

702 Juliette (coral red)

My lips are quite pigmented. I was pleasantly surprised when a lip gloss can actually appear true to its color in the tube, when applied on my lips. That, I am referring to 702 Juliette (coral red)... though it requires at least 3 coats for full opacity. Otherwise, for a subtle stain look, a single coat will do. 

Well, I really love this fiery coral red as it brightens my look effortlessly. However, I cannot get over the fact that the stain on my lips cannot be removed easily and fully. My lips look as though they bleed. Do ensure your lips are not dry and cracked prior application. You can apply lip balm as a protective layer. 

603 Milady (iridescent violet)

On my pigmented lips, 603 Milady (iridescent violet) appears somewhat darker than expected. Either ways, I like this unique iridescent violet shade very much. It is a staple in my makeup pouch 

604 Bella (peach pink)

Most will love 604 Bella (peach pink) as it seems to be an easy color to wear. It looks kinda warm on my lips... but I like this soft peachy pink shade nevertheless. It is one of the colors I usually wear. 

605 Eve (fuchsia)

As for 605 Eve (fuchsia), it was love at first swatch. It is my favoritest of all. How to resist such a gorgeous berry shade (on my lips) that flatters my complexion? That being said, I hardly wear bold lip colors out :x

See the tiny hole in the center of the foam applicator? It actually removes excess color as you apply the lip color. Major love! <span style="color: #ff0000;">♥

</span>For $18.90, I think it is worth to invest in not 1 but 2 (or maybe 3) of your favorite shades. For now, you have 8 shades to choose from. Who knows L'oreal might bring in more colors in future? *hint-hint*

***All info are extracted from press release.***

Verlyn Hanru
posted by

I absolutely adore Juliette on you! It's so bold! (I personally like Princess, the bright coral. And looks great with medium skintone!)

posted by

Thanks raggie92 (: I like Princess too!

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