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How I Do My Eyebrows?


I'm no expert in doing my eyebrows. Nonetheless, I'm going to share how I do my eyebrows (as requested by amyrleex HERE).

The Brow Tools

  • Chanel Mascara Brush -- I use it to comb my eyebrows
  • K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow Liner 24H (Natural Brown)
  • Mio Piccolo Eyebrow Mascara (Light Brown)


I like to make use of tinted eyebrow mascara to lighten my eyebrows. The one I'm featuring in this post is from Mio Piccolo, and I guess most of you are not familiar with this brand. Fyi, I got it from Nanairo aka the most wonderful $2 shop ever. It carries a rather wide selection of makeup products, as compared to dear Daiso.

The eyebrow mascara is decently pigmented, in my opinion. The brush is bigger than that of Kate and Shu Uemura (the other two I own). The brush is able to comb the eyebrow hairs quite evenly albeit a bit messy (also due to the slightly wetter formula). Quite smudge-proof and doesn't fade at the end of day. It takes a few mins to dry. Thereafter, my eyebrows look neater with the hairs held in place.

I've been using this eyebrow mascara for few weeks and I would say I'm pleased with it so far. Not the best but for $2, I couldn't ask for more...


The color I picked up is Light Brown, which has a golden metallic sheen to it. There's another shade, a Brown or Dark Brown. Thought I'll just do a swatch of K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow Liner 24H (Natural Brown) which I love so much.

I've reviewed the newer version, the 2-way one HERE.


I try to tweeze my eyebrows daily, or at least 2-3 times a week. My original eyebrows are barely there if not for the faint eyebrow embroidery. I try not to pluck excessively, lest having skinny-looking eyebrows which make me look older than I should. Well, I'm not young to begin with... so yups.


Okay, let's begin...

The eyebrow should begin according to the inner corner of the eyes. Place a ruler over your pupil starting from tip of nose, going over the eyebrow as well. This will mark the peak of arch. Next, place the ruler at the outer corner of nose to the outer corner of eyes. This is where the eyebrow should end.

(1) Comb the eyebrow with a spoolie brush.

(2) Using the liquid eyebrow (K-Palette), draw fine strokes to fill in the gaps in the eyebrow. Then brush the eyebrow (with the spoolie brush), so as to soften the color for a natural look.

(3) Work the eyebrow mascara brush against the direction of hair growth and lightly brush over for an even distribution. Brush the eyebrow (with the spoolie brush), to keep the hairs in place.


That's about it. And, I will do all of the above when I've the time to spare. Usually, I'll just go with (2) and that would suffice.

If I'm in a rush, I'll go for Shu Uemura Hard Formula Eyebrow Pencil (another favorite of mine). Quick and easy.


Last but not least... a photo to give you a better idea of how the final eyebrow look -- in terms of color, which failed to show up accurately in the other photo.

So this is how I do my eyebrows... That's all. Hope this sharing helps (:

Verlyn Hanru
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Wow! Thanks for sharing... I didn't know that Nanairo had the eyebrow mascara! Must check it out next time I'm in town... :)

posted by

Nanairo has outlets at Liang Court and Century Square (Tampines)... (:

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