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FORD Supermodel Singapore 2011 (Media Event + The Finals)


Attended FORD Supermodel Singapore 2011 Media Event, thanks to Miss Sunita Pong's invitation. The event was held @ SpaBoutique on 20th May.

Yummy pastries :d~ Didn't eat much since I wasn't that hungry.

Think this is the company which sponsored FORD Supermodel Singapore 2011 finalists' bikinis.

Goodie bags for the invitees :D

11 finalists. Here's 10 of 'em.


A place of serenity.

Drink this and get "energized"? :x


Here's Miss Colleen Francisca, Director at FORD Supermodel Singapore.

Miss Sunita Pong, Event Marketing Manager at FORD Supermodel Singapore. She's showing us the makeup looks that complement the FreshKon colored lenses the models had on.

Teaching us the accurate way of losing weight. Having small meals every 4 hours to regulate blood sugar levels and NOT STARVE.

Introducing Beauté Claire products, which cannot be found locally. He's holding onto Skin Cleanser Detox with Biocence™, a rather interesting product to combat acne problems.

"Beauté Claire Skin Cleanser Detox with Biocence™ works by destroying P. acnes, the actual bacteria that causes the acne condition, within 30 seconds, safely without harming your healthy skin cells “*”. Biocence™ acts as an antiseptic and oxidizing agent, reducing the number of comedones, or blocked pores. Because Beauté Claire is extremely gentle, it can be used as a cleanser on a daily basis to help give you the clear, glowing skin that you’ve always wanted."

Satisfied user, with noticably clear skin after using their products.

The products.


Here's a sneak peek @ the goodies. Gonna redeem a pair of FreshKon Mosaic Cosmetic Contact Lenses (Velvet Blue) as well.



Event aftermath. Shop, eat and chill-out.

Spinelli-ed. I had hot mochaccino this time.

My mini Sleek haul, thanks to Joanna. Pan Tao (limited edition) and Bad Girl!



The Finals @ Concorde RITZ CARLTON(!!) Hotel on 28th May. Email-ed to get the tickets (:

Was seriously overwhelmed by the massive turnout upon arrival.

I skipped Guerlain makeover b'coz of this event >.<

Get what I mean.. :s

Happy to see Kas there! *waves*


The highlight of the event! Bikini-clad finalists o.o






The winner‎, Puvana Shanmugam.

Photo Credits to: Ford Supermodel Singapore FB Fanpage


Verlyn Hanru

like both the dresses you wore to the events. :)
and velvet blue is a nice pair of lenses -- i like it's colored without being too weird on me. hehe.

posted by

Thanks Sophia (:
Ya I saw your past LOTD-s wearing Velvet Blue.. So nice so pretty! That's why I decided on this color. Hope it won't be weird on me too =p

posted by Kindofwonderful

Thanks for the mention babe!

posted by

No prob (:

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